10 Unexpected Ways to Improve Your Writing Productivity

1. Choose your friends wisely. Surround yourself with encouraging and inspiring people who believe in your dream.

2. Consider what you read and what you watch. Is it uplifting, inspiring? (Catching the theme?) Do you feel energized after reading/watching or depressed and drain. (I don’t watch the news for the very reason it fills me with worry and fear.)

3. Read the Psalms and praise God. Fix your thoughts on Him!

4. Spend time alone with your spouse. Keep that relationship strong.

5. Get up and MOVE! I wake up before everyone else and ride my exercise bike for one hour. Just sitting without movement in my day drains me and makes me overwhelmed and tired.

6. Be present with the people you are with. Take a break from your smart phone. When my family is around me, my phone is tucked away.

7. Clean out your emotions. Are you worried about something? Are you sad? Let the emotions out. Sometimes I have a good cry because I miss my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson who live 2,000 miles away. If I try to keep these emotions inside they come out in other ways. I’m gray for weeks and weeks . . . and unproductive.

8. Get a life coach. I’ve worked with two amazing women: Judy Baer and Alice Crider. I HIGHLY recommend them both. I’m able to talk through my life with some who knows how to direct me with questions (and are familiar with the writing business). Without fail there is sometime within each session that I have a “light bulb” moment.

9. Ask for help. It’s crazy how often I struggle without even thinking to ask for help. When I ask my husband or kids to make dinner, watch the toddler, or let me run to Panera for a few hours, they are usually happy to oblige. I just need to ask.

10. Focus on ONE THING. Pray and ask God for the “one thing” that you need need do at that moment. Sometimes it’s writing. Sometimes it’s something completely different, but whatever it is, do it with ALL your heart, serving God as you work!

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  1. Tricia when I popped over from twitter to read your post, I didn’t know what to expect. But the tips you shared are indeed one’s you don’t hear often but they are great advice.

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