111 Classic Movies to Share as a Family

Just the other day I was looking for a movie to watch with a friend’s kids. They love High School Musical and all the new movies, but they watch those over and over again. Remembering the movies I loved as a kid–and ones my older kids loved–I started making a list of movies I’d love to share with my young friends. I also asked my Facebook and Twitter friends for input.

Tricia’s Top Family Movie Picks:

Newsies–My daughter and I love watching it together. The music and dancing is great!

The Sound of Music–I didn’t watch this until I was an adult and now I watch it a few times a year. I’ve been to Austria and I know members of the von Trapp family, so that makes it extra special to me.

The Parent Trap–This was my favorite movie growing up. I didn’t know my biological father so I always dreamed I had a sister out there somewhere. Come to find out I had FOUR sisters!

Beauty and the Beast–This was the first movie I took my son Cory to. He sat through the whole movie, eyes wide.

Annie (1982 version)–I love the music and I love the story. Carol Burnett cracks me up.

The Princess Bride–This is a family favorite. If you are around the Goyers for any length of time you’ll hear us quoting it!

The Sandlot–This was Cory and Nathan’s favorite movie when they were small. Along with The Land Before Time I can sit there and quote the whole movie!

It’s a Wonderful Life–This is my favorite Christmas Movie. I’d always begged my kids to watch it with me. They were turned off by it being black and white but when they finally watched it they loved it too!

Click here to download and print the list of 111 Classic Movies.


111 Classic Movies - TriciaGoyer.com

Enjoy! And let me know if I missed any of your family’s favorites!


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  1. Great list!! I’m 29 and still love watching all these movies!! Although animals stories (ex: Where the Red Fern Grows) make me bawl my eyes out!! Don’t think I will be sharing that one with my kids one day 🙂

  2. My kids were mad at me when we watched that movie. LOL. Still, they were glad they watched it afterward 🙂

  3. I love most of the movies on that list!! And I’m thinking my youngest may not have seen some of those! It’s time for some old movie catch-up! Thanks!!

  4. Great list! Even though my kids are older, they sometimes throw in something like Beauty and the Beast, just for fun. My daughter can still sing every song from the movie, and does a hilarious version of the Gaston song.

    No one’s slick as Gaston
    No one’s quick as Gaston
    No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as Gaston

    Fun times.

  5. Awesome list!! But I am hoping you meant “DENNIS the Menace” and not “Denise the Menace”. I am not a menace!!! LOL

  6. Sorry Denise!!! I meant Dennis!

  7. Oh Tricia…I better get some quality movie watching time in…many of these bring back so many good memories of times with the kids. Do you know how many times we watched Pete’s Dragon! Thanks for this.


  8. The Princess Bride is probably the favorite in our house. It’s INCONCEIVABLE that there is anyone who is not in true love with it.

  9. Loved Newsies, hope I can find a copy to buy! On to the next one, hard to choose.

  10. I love watching old movies with my family too! My parents help me borrow them from the library. My list is here.


  11. I absolutely adore The Sandlot. Jerry and I say, “You’re killing me, Smalls,” to each other all the time. And when I throw the Frisbee for Poppet and do it poorly, I say, “You throw like a girl!” 😉

  12. Yay, you included Secondhand Lions!

  13. Great list–you included many of our favorites, especially the old Danny Kaye Court Jester! We really like some of his others too, Inspector General and the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 🙂 Love old movies!

  14. Love the list!! Especially since you have Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!! Even my 16 y/o son breaks out in song from that one!! haha!!
    Give my just about any classic movie…or musical, and I’m a super happy girl!! Esp. anything with Ginger Rogers, Fred Astair, Carmen Miranda, and Bing Crosby! haha!! 😉
    I’m getting WAY off track! haha

  15. Shirley Strait says:

    One of my kids favorites was Gordy.
    They also loved.Oklahoma and The King And I.

  16. This is great Tricia, thanks. My oldest is in college and my youngest is getting grown on me so I am making sure she doesn’t miss all these classics as well.
    The How-to Guru

  17. I’ve only glanced over the list, but I immediately noticed “My Fair Lady” which I recently rented to show my kids. We had to quickly turn it off because of all the GD’s that were said. I appreciate you putting the list together, but I’m concerned that there may be some other older movies that say inappropriate words for ‘family viewing.’ Annie is another one that has GD’s in it that we had to turn off. Unfortunately, we’d bought that one because apparently I’d only watched it on TV and they took those words out…

    Any chance anyone knows of other movies that use ‘adult’ words in them on this list??

    Thanks, Jo

    • This is a great list! Thanks for compiling into one printable. I look forward to tackling many of these with my family.
      Jo, one movie I’d probably avoid for kids is Goonies. I watched it on tv as a tween (20 years ago) and loved it. Recently bought it at target for $5 and watched it with adult friends. I was really glad the kids were in bed. A LOT of cursing that I didn’t remember from the tv version.

    • Amanda Mott says:

      The Sandlot

  18. Some are okay, but I have to say, some are questionable as “family safe”. I remember watching some of these as a kid, Goonies in particular I remember. It didn’t seem that bad to me then, but we recently watched it with my 11 yr old and WOW! I had to apologize and explain many parts that were just plain inappropriate.

  19. you forgot the greatest movie Casablanca 1942 with Bogart

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