12 Tips to Make Your Marriage Rock

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Want to make your marriage rock? Here are twelve ways to get started:

  1. Send your husband off to work with a smile on his face. Have a good attitude. Pray for him. Talk about his upcoming day. Plant a good kiss on him before he leaves. Wave goodbye from the window.
  2. Think of five things your husband would appreciate that day. Do them and see if he notices.
  3. Greet your husband at the end of the day with a smile (even if you’ve had a rough day). Make a point to welcome him. Kiss him good. Have some semblance of order in the first room he enters. Have the table set for dinner—even if you haven’t starting cooking yet.
  4. Give your husband wind-down time as he first enters. Don’t start complaining about the kids just yet.
  5. After dinner snuggle with your husband. Sit down with him. Ask about his day.
  6. Listen to your husband’s work concerns. As the days pass, check in about these concerns.
  7. Don’t talk bad about your hubby to friends. Praise him around others.
  8. Meet his physical needs. (Yes, you know what this means!)
  9. Encourage him. Tell him how sexy he is. He still thinks of himself as that high school jock. A few words of praise go a long way.
  10. Call your husband on the phone during day. Tell him you’re thinking about him. (Email works too!)
  11. Support his dreams. Ask about them. Encourage them.
  12. Don’t put yourself down in front of him. Treat yourself like the princess he married. He doesn’t want to notice your flaws . . . so don’t point them out!

What do YOU do that makes YOUR marriage rock? I’m always looking for new ideas!

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  1. Great list! Am proud to say that those are things I already do. My husband is my rock! 🙂

  2. This list assumes that my husband is the only one who works. Um, no, I won’t start complaining about the kids because I WORKED ALL DAY TOO. I think it’s so sad when women feel like their only purpose is to be a servant to their husband. I’m so glad my husband respects me and doesn’t expect that crap.

  3. Thank you for the lovely ideas. I find when i give to my husband (even though i have worked hard all day too), he returns that giving. That is not the reason to do it,but it is a biproduct of giving.

  4. Christine Cummins says:

    This is a lovely list- even if you work too! My husband and I are both nurses, working opposite shifts. I leave first, always make it a point to kiss him good-bye, tell him how much I will miss him, to have a good day! We text each other during the day and evening between med passes or patients, even just a random “love you” or a smiley face. I straighten up things around the house in the evening, leave him a plate to warm up with a note. The list above is even MORE important when you both work!

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