14 Valuable Ways to Help Teen Moms


Young moms have a lot of needs. They’re still teenagers, yet they also have to balance school, a boyfriend, friends, parents, and sometimes work. As a teen mom I faced depression when I lost my boyfriend and most of my friends during my pregnancy. I dropped out of school and slept until noon. With each day that passed I put another brick on the wall I was building around my heart. Those bricks started tumbling when older women reached out to me with love and compassion. Because they loved me, I dared to believe God loved me too. Sometimes I wonder where I’d be today without those women.

If you’d like to help teen moms, here are some valuable ways to do it. You’ll never know the impact, but I guarantee it’ll be huge!

1. Offer a prepaid phone. “I offered a young mom a prepaid phone so she can always call for help when needed. I also paid/ordered cab rides for her to go to the doctor or ER when necessary. Apps such as Uber or Lyftt make it possible to help long-distance. I wasn’t even in the same state, but we were able to help in this manner.” —Angela

2. Take her shopping. “I had the pleasure years ago to take a young mom maternity clothes shopping. This trip experience was the first for us both but such a precious memory.” —Sherry

3. Help with homework. Offer to help with college applications. Search for scholarships, too.

4. Be a friend. “I welcomed her into my home with hugs, stood by her choice to have her baby, was her friend, prayed for her, and held a shower for her.” —Mary Elizabeth

5. Offer to babysit for a season. “I babysat for a young girl so she could go back to college. She was valedictorian at her high school graduation and got a full-ride scholarship to our state university. She found out she was pregnant just before graduation. She was in the middle of her second semester and first year of college when she gave birth. She had nobody to help, so I babysat so she could go back to class literally one week after she had him.” —Trisha

6. Host a baby shower for her or collect almost-new items from your friends. Many young moms are unable to purchase items themselves. “I encouraged my local Republican Woman’s Club members to put on a shower for her. They went all out, and it was very nice!” —Heidi

7. Take her to lunch and talk about her baby. Even if a pregnancy is unexpected and unplanned, there is still a child to celebrate. Ask her if she has any questions with pregnancy or parenting you can answer.

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