16 Practical {Yet Awesome!} Wedding & Shower Gifts

16 practical and awesome wedding & shower gift ideas! triciagoyer.com

Functional gifts they will actually use! And if you’re creating your bridal or wedding gift registry start with these … you won’t be disappointed!

My niece Ashley is getting married, and I had a hard time finding a gift. Not because she didn’t have a gift registry. (She did.) Not because I didn’t have ideas. (I did.) But because I have 25 of my favorite things and it was hard to choose!

Why are these my favorite things? They’re practical and most of them will last years. Frilly gifts are nice, but ones that will be used often will be appreciated more in the long run.



You can never have enough good washclothes!



This has been my go-to cookbook for twenty five years. They recipes are simple, easy to follow and taste great.

Blackout Buddy


There are some wedding gifts you’ll never use, but these won’t be one of them. I like rechargeable flashlights because it’s easy to remember where you plugged them in when you need them.

Picnic Blanket


This is great to have in the car for picnics and outings.



I love this apron, because it works for him or her!



Many people love to give candles for gifts, but lighters are the practical part that’s often forgotten.

Dust Buster


By far one of the handiest tools in the house.

Luxury TowelsBath Mat



Mix luxury bath towels with a memory foam bath mat, and you’ll feel like a king and queen even if you’re living in a studio apartment! I also love white bath towels because they can be bleached and they don’t fade, so they feel new for a very long time.

Cutting Boards


I still have this cutting board after 25 years of marriage. Love!

Knife Set


If you want to impress the bride and groom, find them a knife set that will last for a decade (at least!). Sharp, well-made knives are a cook’s best friend.

Cozy Blanket


A cozy throw is perfect for movie night!

Bird Feeder


This may seem like an unexpected gift, but it’s the little things of married life that bring joy! … and don’t forget the bird food!

Nesting Bowls


I have mixing bowls that my grandmother got for her wedding over 70 years ago. I love pretty ones that can be used for serving, too.

Oven-Safe Containers


You can never have enough storage containers, and I love that these are oven safe. It’s like giving two gifts in one. You can bake with them and use them for storage.



Glass pitchers are pretty … and I love the ones with lids.

Finally, the most practical gift is great advice. A book might not excite newly weds, but homefully the help will come when they need it.

Wise Words


I wish I had read this book in my first year of marriage, rather than after fifteen years. There are life-changing truths that every young couple needs to know.

For my other favorite resources go here.

Practical and awesome wedding gift ideas. TriciaGoyer.com

What are you favorite wedding or bridal shower ideas. I’d love to hear!


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  1. I like the cook book specially.

  2. Some of my favorites from our wedding over 19 years ago were a board game from a couple we often had game nights with when we were dating, and a spaghetti basket complete with sauce, pasta, cheese, colander, pasta server and ladle, hot pads, and recipe for meatballs. It’s more difficult and less fun when couples have already been living together and would rather have money.

  3. Cyndi Wilson says:

    For several years, I gave the book, Sacred Marriage, with the same thought that I wish I had had it when I got married now 32 years ago. Lately, on the recommendation of my newlywed daughter, I’ve given restaurant gift cards. She says that having a built-in date night is nice when you’re on a tight budget and cash gets used for “necessary” things.

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