17 Encouraging Messages for Homeschooling Moms

17 Encouraging Messages for Homeschooling Moms - TriciaGoyer.com

17 Encouraging Messages for Homeschooling Moms



Have fun. This is precious time with your children, and they are learning more than you think they are. ~Kathleen


Homeschooling is a beautiful opportunity to make an even bigger difference in the life of a child–your child. The time you put in really makes an impression. ~Amber


Everyone has stressful days. You are not alone. God gave you a job as teacher and parent. No one will love your kids as you do. You are the best teacher your child will ever have. ~Wen


Don’t let the naysayers discourage you. It’s not their child, it’s yours.  ~Jeanette


Consider what others are doing but then go with your gut for your children and your family. ~ Cyndy


Every mother wants the world for her child. Every mother knows her own faults and weaknesses, but remember your strengths most. ~Jodi


Each family is different, try (hard as it might be) not to compare your kids to other kids. Encourage your child’s interests. ~Sara


Relax. If it’s not working try something else. Fit the schedule to your style. ~Michele


Kids in public school only get 2-3 minutes of personal interaction with their teacher each day. Homeschooling students get far more one-on-one time. You are giving your children a wonderful benefit of individualize attention!


If a lesson is tough then repeat it. Repetition is good. Who says you have to move along? ~Roy


Don’t compare your kids to public school kids. Homeschool should look different. ~Lindsey


Remember why you first decided to homeschool. Go back to those first goals to remember how far you’ve come! ~Heather


Don’t panic over bad moments. You have time to correct them. Parents often remember their mistakes much longer than their kids do. ~Doug


Homeschooling allows you to teach your children something that public schools can’t: the moral character of a Christ-centered life. It’s more important to be morally conscience that to excel academically.


Learning is not about gold stars or good grades. Homeschooling allows you to give your children a love of learning that will last a lifetime.


Don’t be discouraged if your child tells you she wants to go to public school to be with her friends. You know what’s in your child’s best interest, and she will thank you later for sticking to your guns. (I know this from experience!)


Faith is believing what you cannot see. Have faith that the time you spend with your children is time you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


Dear Lord, I thank you for all the homeschooling parents out there who give their time and energy to homeschooling. I pray that you may encourage them when they feel discouraged. I pray that you may strengthen them when they feel weak. And, Lord, may you be glorified by their efforts.

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  1. Shirley Strait says:

    I was a homeschooling mom for 25 years. I started at a time when we were the odd ducks. I am so glad that you and others are stepping out to encourage homeschoolers. Keep up the good work. As I look back at how I spent those 25 years I can truthfully say it was the hardest and the most rewarding work that I have ever done. (Second of course to keeping my marriage of 40+ years going!)

  2. Homeschooling moms, quite a respectable and responsible role! Responsibilities borne with right tactics will be truly a leading success. Making a child in a more entertaining way is rather a strong effect that a child would also love to be nurtured with. Comparing our child with another child is the worst example set to make our child learn the things that they may be poor in. Rather than being panic with bad moments with your child, ensure you have the real courage to back them off in close time – fostering their hidden potentials to come out and work better!

  3. Thank you!! Just beginning this amazing journey with my 9 year old!

  4. Great advice. Also, if you are really getting down on yourself, request to sit in on a public school class “to see what your child might experience if he is sent there instead of continuing to homeschool.” Catherine Levison, the author of A Charlotte Mason Education, says that she often returns from these visits saying, “If I can’t do a better job with both hands tied behind my back and drunk then there’s something wrong with me.” Now, this is not a reflection of the school teacher. This is a reflection of what can and cannot be accomplished in today’s classrooms. That little visit may be just the boost in confidence the homeschooling mama needs!

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