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New Years Resolution Solutions

Last night my husband, daughter-in-law, and I were talking about New Years Resolutions. “I make New Years resolutions every year and follow them for about four days,” Katie said. “Then another week goes by and I often forgot I made them!” Photo by Jessica McCollam I can 100% understand that! Today as I think about New Years Resolutions a few things are on my mind. First, is my “word of the year.” Every year–for the past six years–I’ve prayed {Read More}

Thursday on Living Inspired: Christine Jeske – Into the Mud

To listen to the interview: go here and click on the player in the upper right corner of the screen. Thursday at 3:00 pm Central.Merry Christmas! I pray that you are having a wonderful holiday with family and friends. This week we’ll be running a GREAT interview with Christine Jeske. She talked about her book Into the Mud and micro-missions.More about Christine: Christine Jeske has spent seven years working in microfinance, refugee resettlement, development, and holistic missions with her husband Adam. {Read More}

Extragavant Service

When is the last time you’ve been given an extravagant gift? For my family and myself it was this week. Because of a ministry and friendship connection–and the extravaganza love of a couple–my family and I are spending a week together in a luxury condo at a ski resort … for free (a resort only 30 minutes from where we used to live!) I’m not talking about luxury. I’m talking LUXURY. From the expensive rooms and million dollar views of {Read More}

Are you willing for God to change your life’s direction if He wishes? Joseph said, "Yes."

This week half the family is staying home (the Stoltz half) and the other half of the family is heading to Montana (the Goyer half). Both John and I are “set the GSP” and GO type of people. We like to know how far it is to our destination and how long it will take to get there. When we stop for gas, we hate to see the time loss. If we could figure out how to fuel our car {Read More}

Christmas Mourning

Me with my sister Lesley As I sit here there is a pile of presents under the tree. My family still sleeps, but a smile fills my face guessing the joy and laughter that will fill this house in a few hours when we gather around to hear the Christmas story, worship Jesus, and open presents. Well, most of the family sleeps. My seventeen-year-old son was already up when I got up at 6:00 a.m., proving there’s just enough “boy” {Read More}

Christmas Enchiladas

Every year for as long as I can remember we’ve have a special Christmas dinner—enchiladas. My sweet Mexican grandma would make them the day before Christmas Eve. Only as an adult did I realize the hours and hours she put into making them. This year my grandma is 82 and she’s slowed down. We kept begging her to make enchiladas, and she kept complaining about her “bad knees and tired bones.” It was my 17-year-old son who came up with {Read More}

MEME Winners!

And the winners from the Remembering You holiday Meme are: Denise Manley Teresa Shively Heather Riggleman Ms. Kathleen Carolyn Hebert Carri Schutter Rhonda Ritty Bonnie Way Sherry Groovy Aline Gomes Thanks so much for all who participated! Please send your mailing address to!  And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Christmas Traditions

When I think of Christmas, I remember family gatherings around my grandparent’s dinner table. I also think of times my family spent together, creating our own special memories. For example, one year I received a tape recorder. On Christmas Day, my mother, father, brother and I recorded stories, changing our voices to fit our various roles. While I no longer have the tape of our recordings, the memory of our fun is something I’ll never forget. Think back. What are {Read More}

Let’s get "Real"! (and giveaway)

Recently a friend showed me a unique book that is just beautiful. Author Shelley Malcolm and photographer Terilee Dawn Ouimette teamed up on a collection of photographs and essays called Real. Check it out:   Real – The Book from David Malcolm on Vimeo. More about the book: Shelley Malcolm uses the image of hands to reveal much of what we have in common, as well as, like fingerprints, that which makes each of us completely unique. The pages of REAL {Read More}

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