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Super Easy Dinners

As many of you know, I’m on a super tight deadline to finish my new book The Memory Jar by May 1st (tomorrow!) I recently asked on Facebook for you to share some of your super easy dinner recipes with five items or less. Here are some of the meals you shared! *Chicken Spaghetti*Lasagna*Tacos*Cover bottom of skillet with Italian dressing and add cubed chicken, sweet onion, potatoes and zucchini*Tater tot casserole*Chili dogs*Tuna Patties*Bunburgers*Frozen Chicken breast + salsa in crock pot {Read More}

Podcasts for Living Inspired: Missy Buchanan and Rita Schulte

{Missy Buchanan} {Download Interview Here} Get your copy of My Story, My Song: Hardback or Kindle {Rita A. Schulte} {Download Interview Here}

Why I Do What I Do

Every once in a while I receive a negative comment from someone because I work with teenage mothers. I got one of these in my inbox today. I’m keeping the person anonymous, but I believe his/her comment and my answer is important to share. Email I received: (note to me has been edited and condensed – here is the gist of what * said) I saw your status for teen moms getting CPR certified and that’s great…maybe. I’m a little {Read More}

Titanic Survivors – Eyewitnesses to History The Courageous Colonel: Archibald Gracie | Guest Post by Sharyn Kopf

I’m excited that so many are enjoying the characters in my novel, By the Light of the Silvery Moon. Want to know more about the REAL people on the Titanic? My friend Sharyn has been kind enough to write some profiles for us. They are amazing and interesting…enjoy! One of the last survivors to abandon ship, Colonel Archibald Gracie went through just about as much as could be endured the night of the sinking. The trauma was so great, in {Read More}

Saying I Love You | Guest Post from Brittany Melton

I am by no means the expert wife….I have been married a mere nine months…but tonight I came across a post titled “101 Ways to Tell Your Husband I Love You”. I liked some of the ideas that were listed..some very creative and funny..some the obvious thing to do….But as I read, I also came across a few that, I am quite certain, would never be listed on my husband’s ‘I love you list’. In fact, a few of them {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Tricia Goyer

On my desk:My notebook and dock. (Browser opened to Spotify because I have it on all day.)My typing gloves. (Smart glove)My phone and headset for Living Inspired Radio.The book SOS: Sick of Sex. I interviewed Robyn McKelvy on my radio last week and I want to read more of the book.My computer headset for my LIVE web events.Edna Eby Heller’s Dutch cookbook! (Working on my Amish novel The Promise Box)A lamp I haven’t plugged in since the move.My coffee in {Read More}

If You Send a Homeschooling Mom to Philadelphia…

If you send a homeschooling mom to Philadelphia this is what you get… and this… and this… Oh, doesn’t this look fun… History for toddlers! What’s your favorite resource for teaching American History?

I See You! | Guest Post From Tammy Maltby

Did you ever see the television show Undercover Boss, which premiered in early 2010? It’s a reality show that follows the heads of companies who go “undercover” in their own companies. The CEOs or other high-ranking executives disguise themselves and join the ranks of ordinary employees—scrubbing toilets, assembling burgers, loading trucks, cleaning motel rooms, and getting to know their fellow workers. Usually they struggle to keep up with the work, and they gain new appreciation for what these jobs entail. {Read More}

Podcast for Living Inspired: Holley Gerth

Winners from this week’s show posted below! {Holley Gerth} {Download Holley’s Interview Here} Connect with Holley: her website, Twitter @HolleyGerth, and Facebook Get your own copy of You’re Already Amazing: Paperback or Kindle Congratulations to this week’s winner, Amelia McNeilly! Please e-mail my assistant Christen ( with your mailing address! 

Ten Ways to Bring your Husband Good Before You’ve Even Met | Guest Post from Brittney Melton

Before the Lord ever brought Caleb, my husband, into my life, it was my desire to find ways, as a single girl, that I could be a blessing to a future husband that I didn’t know yet. I sought to find ways that I could be a Proverbs 31 wife, bringing her husband good all the days of her life, and during this time, I made a list of some applicable things I could do for my future husband that {Read More}

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