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It’s Real Life Photo Assignment | In the Kitchen

Photo by vanderbiltwife (and the recipe is here!) A big thank-you to everyone who participated in this week’s photo assignment! The kitchen is the place where everyone comes together to share a common meal, which provides great fellowship and bonding time. You can check out the other photos, including the ones for the past photo assignments, here. This week’s assignment is A Few of My Favorite Things. You have until Friday, July 6, at noon PDT to submit your photos {Read More}

Podcast for Living Inspired: Laura Petherbridge and Ron Deal

{Laura Petherbridge and Ron Deal} Download Laura and Ron’s interview here! Keep up with Laura: Keep up with Ron: and Get your copy of The Smart Stepmom: Paperback or Kindle Winner from last week’s show with Dr. Wess Stafford and Joe Kissack is Jennifer! Congratulations! Please e-mail my assistant Christen ( with your mailing address!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

30 Free and Fun Things to Do This Summer | Board Games

Living in Montana for fifteen years meant outside fun in the summer. We only had three months of good weather, so we went to the lake, went to the park, and played in the yard. In Little Rock we have nine months of good weather, and then there is summer. I was shocked to find out that kids in the south spend a lot of time inside, but I understand! Being at the park is no fun when it’s one {Read More}

Our Job is to Protect Our Children’s Innocence | One Mom’s Opinion

I can remember the first horror film I watched was when I was a third- or fourth-grader. The plot line was about a man who moved into a haunted house, and then he uncovers all the horror that happened there. I’m scarred for life, seriously. Who let me watch that? (Sorry, Mom and Dad, but it’s true.) I thought about that movie many times over the years. It didn’t leave me. That movie (and others that followed) brought fears and {Read More}

It’s Real Life Photo Assignment | In the Kitchen

I’ve been having so much fun with these photo assignments, and I hope you have, too! Last Saturday, I announced this week’s theme, which is “In the Kitchen.” These photos don’t have to be just food photos; let your creativity shine! Submit your photos to the group pool on Flickr by Friday morning. I’ll pick my favorites and showcase them here the next day!

My Writing Desk | Jennifer Deibel

OK, this is my writing “desk”: my lap. I do almost all of my writing either when my girls are at school and baby is napping, or when everyone is in bed. I write sitting in my favorite spot on the “big couch” on either my iPad or my trusty dinosaur of a Dell laptop. Here is what’s on my “desk”: – hubby’s fleece Cowboys blanket . . . even though it was May when I took these photos, it was {Read More}

30 Free and Fun Things to Do This Summer | Explore Your Neighborhood

Last week Alyssa wanted to go on an adventure or, as she says in her two-year-old words, “Go -venture.”It was almost nap time, so I knew we could go far. *Enter brilliant idea* . . . we decided to explore our neighborhood. I live in a subdivision with newer brick houses that all look similar. What was there to explore? From the photos you’ll see here was a lot . . . especially in the vacant lot! If you want {Read More}

The Week Ahead of Me (It’s Busy!)

What are you doing this week? Today I’m having lunch with a friend and going to see another friend’s new baby! Then we have our Czech mission team meeting. Only five week until we head to Prague! Tomorrow John’s team at FamilyLife is having a family picnic. It’s supposed to be the coolest day. Only ninety degrees!Wednesday I’ll be doing some research for a book project (when I’m not playing tea party, reading Maisy books, or making pb-and-j sandwiches) . {Read More}

It’s Real Life Photo Assignment | Family Fun and In the Kitchen

ICanTeachMyChild This week’s photo assignment submissions made me laugh! I hope you’re having as much fun participating as I am; isn’t family fun the best kind of fun? Here are a few of my favorites, and you can see the rest on the Flickr group. This week’s assignment is In the Kitchen. Take a few photos of what you do in the kitchen; you can even include a recipe or two (if you want). You have until Friday, June 29, {Read More}

The Truth about Breaking out of the Christian Bubble | One Mom’s Opinion

Image: When we moved to Little Rock two years ago, I knew it would be easy to slip into the Bible Belt bubble. My husband’s job is with a Christian organization (FamilyLife), so surrounding ourselves with like-minded friends would be easy. Big, beautiful churches are within a few miles of our home, and I knew we could make great friends at church, too. But is that all life is about—to be surrounding with fellow Christians and enjoy life? Deep inside {Read More}

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