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My Writing Desk | Nancy mehl

You can see my chair and computer where I spend many, many hours writing. Many, many hours. Many . . . never mind! LOL!  In the corner of my desk is the statue of a black bird. That’s a copy of the Maltese Falcon. My father won that for revealing “whodunnit” at a mystery dinner. When he passed away, the falcon became mine. It’s very special to me. The pictures next to it include a high-school picture of my son and a picture {Read More}

Booking Journaling with Your Kids | Guest Post by Christen Krumm

When I was twelve years old, I discovered my best friend. We were both home-schooled, both preacher kids, and both loved books. She devoured them (I do believe she got an award one year for reading 397 books that year). But back to what I was getting at. My best friend had this really amazingly cool notebook. It was just a spiral bound notebook, but in this notebook . . . oh in the notebook she had written every book {Read More}

The Crossing of Your Heart | Guest Post by Joanna Weaver

Please welcome my friend and fellow author Joanna Weaver to my blog! Joanna’s new book, At the Feet of Jesus, just released at the beginning of October. To celebrate the release, she’s actually hosting a live webcast on November 8 (RSVP here), and now through 11/7, you can enter to win the iPad she’s giving away! That’s so exciting! Thanks, Joanna, for guest-posting! Be sure to visit her website and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter. “It’s harder to {Read More}

It’s Real Life Photo Assignment | Your Favorite Fall Recipe

German chocolate pie, anyone? This week’s assignment is Your Favorite Fall Recipe! You have until Friday, November 2, at 3:00 p.m. EDT to submit your photos to the group pool (and don’t forget to join the group, too!). Next Saturday, I’ll feature my favorites here! And if you’d be so kind as to leave a comment below with the recipe to your photo, that’d be great!

Podcast for Living Inspired: Francine Rivers

Download Francine’s interview here Connect with Francine at

For Them | Guest Post by Annie Downs

Guest-posting for me today is Annie Downs. Annie will be on Living Inspired in January, and she was kind enough to write this post! So mark your calendars for January, and check out what Annie has to say.This was always for them. The twenty or so teenage girls who would show up at my house on Monday nights. They weren’t a quiet bunch, in general, but that never seems to be the crowd that is drawn to me [not surprising]. {Read More}

Make Your Own Memory Box

Find out more about memories in my upcoming book, The Memory Jar, which released October 23! Do you remember the show Bill Cosby hosted called Kids Say the Darndest Things? While my three oldest kids were growing up, they would say the funniest things, and I wish I could remember them! Now Alyssa, my two-year-old, is getting to the age she starts saying some hilarious things, and I finally have a way to keep track of those words I want to {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Anita Higman

Here is my messy desk in my magical grotto where I spend long hours writing. My creativity feeds on these unruly heaps, and my imagination is cheered on by all my treasures—a jewelry box my son made me when he was in school, a frosted-glass candle from the 1960s, a feathered-festooned hat once owned by a famous mystery writer, the exposed working parts of a music box, a birthday card that plays “The Twilight Zone,” and an old toy helicopter {Read More}

Win This Custom Kindle Cover

In case you haven’t heard (LOL), my newest novel The Memory Jar is available TODAY! You can pick it up here. And to celebrate, I’m hosting a party. Part of the party includes a contest, and you can win this custom Kindle cover from Etsy company julieandco2. I ordered this custom Kindle cover to be part of the contest, and Julie and her daughter worked to sketch the cover and then make it! I’m so pleased with the final product, and {Read More}

The Comparison Game

Have you ever compared yourself with other women–other moms or co-workers–and felt like you didn’t match up? We call it the comparison game, but in the end we are the big losers. Today, do you feel discouraged? Do you see others having success at all levels and wonder when it will be your turn? Are you ready to fold your cards and walk away? We all know we are special creations, unique and precious to God. Yet why do we struggle {Read More}

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