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My Writing Desk | Cynthia Ruchti

For years, my office was one of two main offices of The Heartbeat of the Home radio ministry. Little by little I’m weeding through the ten lateral file drawers full of information plus an upright four-drawer file cabinet. The ministry retired at the end of 2012, so my writing business is slowly overtaking those cabinets. Many of the ideas gathered during those 33 years of ministry are working their way into fiction and nonfiction projects, so thinning the files is {Read More}

The Story Behind ‘The Promise Box’

What happens as an author writes a novel? Don’t you love hearing the “Story behind the story?” Today, I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes peek at my latest book, “The Promise Box.” Where did your inspiration for The Promise Box spark? I’m a person who journals many times a week, and I always wonder what my kids will think when they come across those journals some day. I share favorite Scriptures, prayers, worries, needs, hopes, and ideas. It’s quite a collection! My kids {Read More}

Podcast: Living Inspired: Mother Dolores and Alexandra Kuykendall

To listen to the interview: go here and click on the player in the upper right corner of the screen. Thursday at 3:00 pm Central. This week on Living Inspired I’m excited to be bringing you four phenomenal guests! Mother Dolores, the nun who kissed Elvis and Alexandra Kuykendall. Sign up below for your chance to win a copy of Mother Dolores’ memoir, The Ear of the Heart or Alexandra Kuykendall’s memoir, The Artist’s Daughter. **Due to shipping cost, giveaway open {Read More}

How to Trust God

How to Trust God She didn’t expect life to turn out like this. For the last few years she’d grown in her relationship with God. She’d been a strong support for her family. She’d thought she’d done everything right . . . but had God even noticed? Standing at her brother’s funeral she didn’t think so. Surely God could have stopped this tragedy. Didn’t Jesus care? The “she” I’m talking about is Martha in the Bible. She’d seen Jesus heal, {Read More}

The Child God Chose for Us

Eleven years ago, I was reading a “Woman’s World” magazine, and one article changed my thoughts on how many children is “enough.” At the time, I thought three was plenty. My kids were ten, seven, and five. I was homeschooling them, and we had a very busy life. Then I read an article about all the girls growing up in orphanages in China. I wept when I read the article and realized my heart had room for more. That night {Read More}

Catchy Phrases | Guest Post by Susan Milligan and Shea Wood

In our society we love catchy phrases. Slogans really stick with us. Do you know the product that goes with these slogans? “Softens hands while you do dishes.” “I’m lovin’ it!” “Good to the last drop.” Answers: (Palmolive, McDonald’s, Maxwell House) These are all great marketing slogans and we remember them well! Then there are slogans or phrases passed down from our families: “Nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.” “Cuter than a bug {Read More}

How to Research {Place} For Your Novel

One of my favorite things about writing is research. I love finding facts, understanding world views, and stepping into a unique story world. And one of my favorite parts of research is researching the settings/locations of my novels. You may consider setting to be the physical location, but it’s so much more than that. The place of your novel includes the physical location, but it also includes the attitudes of the people of the region as a group and as {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Debra Clopton and Margaret Brownley

Debra: I’m glad to be here on Tricia’s blog and invite you into my cozy office! Okay, I will confess, these pictures are not of my office today—they are of my office a couple of months ago. Today I just finished two back-to-back deadlines so my office is a national disaster area!!! I’ll clean before I start my next book—so next week it will look like these pictures again and the endless loop of clean to disaster will continue.   As {Read More}

Fostering Your Homeschooled Student’s Heart For World Missions

Fostering Your Homeschooled Student’s Heart For World Missions I’m the homeschooling mom of six kids. Three kids, 23, 21, and 19 are beyond the homeschooling years (and doing great!). Then we have three adopted little ones, ages 5, 3, and 2. Yes, that means I’ll spend thirty-five years of my life homeschooling! And during my homeschooling years one of the things I’ve focused on is fostering their heart for world missions. Today I was talking with a friend about my {Read More}

What An Unexpected Flower Pot Taught Me About Hope | Guest Post by Eva Piper

Hope can be a verb or a noun. Used as a verb it means we want something to happen. We hear stories of tragic events and hope everything and everyone will be safe. We may hear from a friend or loved one who shares a need. We end the conversation with “I hope everything works out.” Newly expecting parents may say, “I hope it’s a girl,” or, “I hope it’s a boy.” Students walking down school hallways utter, “I hope {Read More}

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