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25 Ways to be a Good Parent

So many times as a parent we focus on all the things we don’t get right . . . or things we think we could do better. I’ve learned throughout the years that while I always improve, I also need to celebrate what I do right. One thing I feel I do right is I’ve shown my kids that life with God is an adventure. Instead of saying, “I can’t do that,” I’ve modeled, “With God this is possible!” Here {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Liz Tolsma

This is my little writing desk in my bedroom. My husband gave it to me as a Christmas gift last year. He got tired of sharing his desk with me because I had my stuff spread out all over it. I got the lamp last year from my husband’s grandmother after she passed away. I had admired it for years. It’s not real Tiffany, but one can pretend. The picture to the left of it is our beautiful sponsor daughter {Read More}

Dear John — A Letter to John the Baptist

Dear John, Tomorrow is your birth day, and I just wanted to write and tell you what type of world you’ll find yourself in. It’s a dark place to be certain. For 400 years I’ve chosen to be silent. There have been no prophecies. There have been no dreams. I gave my people a chance to try to do things their way—that’s what they wanted, isn’t it? They say they’re serving me, with all their rituals and rules. But their {Read More}

Podcast: Living Inspired: Robin Wolaver

Living Inspired ~ Thursday 3CT (10/31/13) To listen to the interview: go here and click on the player in the upper right corner of the screen.  This week on Living Inspired, please welcome speaker, songwriter, and month, Robin Donica Wolaver author of The Song of Annie Moses (Guideposts, 2013).  If you’re reading this after 10/31/13 you’ll be able to find this show . . . and all my shows in the archive section. For your chance to win a copy {Read More}

For the Love of Women

I am a loved woman. This is the feeling after leaving the Allume Conference in Greenville, South Carolina. I’m loved by bloggy-friends. I’m loved by my editors and agents. {I am loved by my family at home, of course.} Mostly, I’m loved by God. I’m not saying this in a prideful way but in a thankful way. It’s amazing to walk into a place and feel friendship-love in such a powerful way. I am accepted and appreciated, and I accept {Read More}

How to Live a Slow(er) and More Peaceful Life

Too often we rush through life. We speed through our neighborhoods and cities without truly seeing what we’re passing. We don’t have time for friends, and because of that when we truly need a friend no one is around. In the Amish community, travel is done at the speed of a buggy. They attend church with those who live closest to them. They help a neighbor, knowing they will have a day when help is needed. And because of that, {Read More}

Hope, Trust, and Freedom | Guest Post by Pastor Pete Wilson

There are two very different types of hope in this world. One is hoping for something, and the other is hoping in someone. Eventually everything we hope for will disappoint us. Every circumstance, every situation that we’re hoping for is going to wear out, fall apart, melt down, and go away. When that happens, the question then is about your deeper hope, your foundational hope, your fallback hope when all your other hopes have disappointed. What kind of hope are {Read More}

3 Ways to Pursue Your Purpose as a Mom | Guest Post by Susan Merrill

I’m happy to welcome Susan Merrill today to my blog! I’ll be chatting with Susan (and Rod Olson) later today on Living Inspired! Click here for full details about Susan and Rod and their books, as well as a giveaway of their books! And tune in today at 3 CDT to listen to my interview with them! “If the size of the vision for your life is not intimidating to you, then there is a good chance it is insulting {Read More}

How to Teach Compassion

It’s October. Time for the start of something. For me that was beginning a new Bible reading plan. It began with Matthew 1 and while I usually don’t get too excited about reading genealogy (does anyone?), God pricked my heart concerning something I haven’t thought much about. Matthew 1: 5-6 says: Salmon the father of Boaz, whose mother was Rahab, Boaz the father of Obed, whose mother was Ruth, Obed the father of Jesse, and Jesse the father of King {Read More}

A Sense of Responsibility

The common sense of the godly preserves them. Proverbs 11:9 (MSG) I’d like to be the ideal mother, but I’m too busy raising my kids. —Unknown One hundred years ago most people got their parenting advice from family or neighbors. In the good ol’ days mother DID know best because she was one of the few providing input. Old wives’ tales came from old wives . . . and one listened to them because there was no such thing as {Read More}

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