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My Writing Desk | William Sirls

My desk normally has a dictionary on it, a thesaurus, a Chicago Manual of Style, legal pads, and the normal pile of clutter that I can never seem to escape from. Get a sneak peek at where @WilliamSirls’ novels take shape (cc @TriciaGoyer): Click To Tweet About William Over the course of his life, William Sirls has experienced both great highs and tremendous lows–some born of chance, some born of choice. Life lessons involving faith, grace, and forgiveness are evident {Read More}

What I Hope For . . . x 10!

What I Hope For . . . x 10! Sometimes I can’t believe my life now. In the last few months I’ve written a novelization of a movie, and I’ve chatted with a production company about their meetings to turn my books into movies. I’ve signed contracts to write more books. Lots more books. I’ve been interviewed on radio programs, and I get to interview other authors on my own show. Is this my life?! When I was a young {Read More}

Books I’ve Read (So Far) in 2014

  Books I’ve Read (So Far) in 2014 This year I’ve made it a goal to keep track of what books I’ve read and what I’ve thought of them. These are the books I’ve read so far in 2014. So far I’ve loved them all! Keep up with all the books I’ve read so far in 2014 by following my Pinterest board! A Promise Kept  by Robin Lee Hatcher   Summary: Tony Kavanagh had been Allison’s dream-come-true. They were in love {Read More}

The Books Authors Read | The Authors of ‘Smitten’ (Plus a Giveaway)

What was your favorite book as a child? Colleen: Bambi’s Children. Denise: The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. What book did you read that first made you want to be an author? Colleen: All of them. I’ve been a reader as long as I can remember. Denise: It wasn’t really one particular book, but an accumulation of all the great books I’d read. What was the last book you read, just for fun? Colleen: Love You More by Lisa Gardner. Denise: A {Read More}

How to Effectively Use Time-Out as a Discipline Technique | Part 5

When Time-Out is Finished Did you miss a post in this series? Read parts one, two, three, and four. So, now that you’ve effectively been using time-out, what do you do when the time is up? After your child has been sitting quietly, the timer will sound. Don’t just let your child get down. Go to your child. Ask, “Are you ready to obey?” If your child answers yes, then have him or her complete the task you originally asked him or her to do {Read More}

Podcast: Living Inspired: Brenda Spahn & the Loveladies

Living Inspired ~ Thursday 3CT (2/27/14) To listen to the interview: go here and click on the player in the upper right corner of the screen.  This week on Living Inspired, please welcome Brenda Spahn, author of Miss Brenda and the Loveladies: A Heartwarming True Story of Grace, God, and Gumption (Waterbrook, 2014). If you’re reading this after 2/27/14 you’ll be able to find this show . . . and all my shows in the archive section. For your chance to win {Read More}

Learning to Become A Smart Stepmom (Plus a Giveaway) | Guest Post by Laura Petherbridge

  5 Ways to Become a Smart Stepmom As a child of divorced parents and then having two stepmoms myself, and now being a stepmom for more than twenty-eight years, I understand the complexities associated with stepfamily living. A few months into my second marriage I was discouraged by the difficulties associated with being a stepmother of two boys ages eleven and thirteen. I often wondered, “How can I run away from home?” I loved my sweet husband, and his {Read More}

How to Effectively Use Time-Out as a Discipline Technique | Part 4

Time-Out Rules You Should Follow Did you miss a post in this series? Read parts one, two, and three. Of course, time-out sounds easy . . . until you try it. It’s then that the yelling, screaming, kicking, and running away start. Good rules to follow for time-out: Time-out is effective for children ages eighteen months and older. 50% of your child’s body must stay in the chair. If they are half laying on the chair, that works! (At least for the {Read More}

How to Write For Magazines: 8 Keys to Getting Published!

How to Write For Magazines: 8 Keys to Getting Published! Years ago I took a workshop on writing for magazines. I took the best tips I learned there, and I’m sharing them with you. Following these tips I sold thirty articles to national publications in one year. Maybe you can do the same! My start as a writer came through writing articles. There are magazines that target thousands of audiences and markets, and they are on the lookout for writers {Read More}

The Books Authors Read | Suzanne Woods Fisher (Plus a Giveaway)

What was your favorite book as a child? The first book I remember my mother reading to me was Hitty: Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field. Hitty was a doll who belonged to a little Quaker girl during the whaling days. The irony is not lost on me that my next series will be set in Quaker Nantucket in the early 1800s. I’ve gone full circle! What book did you read that first made you want to be an {Read More}

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