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We Meet Again by Charles Torluccio

We Meet Again by Charles Torluccio | 11th Armored Division   One morning in 1990, my wife Doris and I were having morning coffee and reading the newspaper when I noticed that a Holocaust survivor named George Topaz was having a book signing in our town. As I read about Mr. Topaz’s experiences, I felt my skin tingle. I grabbed my cap with the 11th Armored Division emblem on it and told Doris we had to make that signing. We sat {Read More}

The Brave Writer

I’ve never considered myself a brave person. I’m not one to bungee jump, and the best I’ve done on the ski slopes is the beginner’s run. (And with much trepidation at that!) Stepping out and deciding to pursuing writing was one of my bravest steps. Writing about the deep pain and struggles in my life—in my fiction and non-fiction—has been the bravest. Yet I’ve done other things that are brave. Here are a few: Adopting kids. John and I have {Read More}

The Forgotten War

This year World War II is going to get a lot of attention. May 8, 1945 was be the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. But thinking about World War II also makes remember the often forgotten war. The Spanish Civil War  … ever heard of it? Yeah, I hadn’t really either. Beyond hearing about a For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway, I didn’t understand the time period or the events of this {Read More}

The Lasting Impact of an Idyllic Childhood | Leslie Gould {Plus a Giveaway!}

One of my favorite childhood memories is singing “Blueberry Hill” with my friend Diana on a little rise (it couldn’t be called a hill!) on the Forest Service Ranger Station in Bly, Oregon where we lived as pre-schoolers.   Our fathers both worked for the Forest Service and our families lived in adjacent stone houses. A stonewall lined the front of the compound, a grove of trees graced the middle of the property, and an old lookout tower stood at {Read More}

Preparing Your Teen and Finances for College {Plus a Giveaway}

I’ve been homeschooling for more than twenty-five years with, so far, two college graduates and one child in the process. Overall, my kids thrived in college. They got good grades, made good friends, and blossomed into godly adults. They all went to secular local and state colleges, yet their relationship with God grew. Do you have a teen about to head to college (or maybe you’ve just started your parenting journey and are looking to prep and save for your {Read More}

Memorial Day | Don’t Let the Stories Die!

Memorial Day is a time to remember: In 2000, I got my idea for what came to be my first historical novel, From Dust and Ashes. Wanting to know more about the 23 men who liberated Mauthausen concentration camp, I contacted the 11th Armored Division who put me in touch with six of the veterans. These men then invited me to attend the 59th reunion of their division. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I thought they’d point me to a {Read More}

Excerpt from ‘Songbird Under a German Moon’

  Happy Memorial Day weekend! If you are looking to add to your TBR pile, here’s another WWII book of mine I know you’ll enjoy! Here’s a bit about the book: Songbird Under a German Moon The year is 1945. The war is over and 21-year-old Betty Lake has been invited to Europe to sing in a USO tour for American soldiers who now occupy Hitler’s Germany. The first nights performance is a hit. Betty becomes enthralled with the applause, {Read More}

Food Rationing & Recipes in World War II

Going grocery shopping and cooking may be a chore, but not like it was during World War II. During the war, many things were rationed. This meant families were only allowed a small amount each. Some items weren’t available at all. Recently, I wrote a book set during WWII. In Where Treetops Glisten, my main character, Meredith, is a nurse on the war front. During Christmas 1945 she is stationed in The Netherlands, and the fighting is thick in the {Read More}

Spend Time in Jesus’ Presence

Spend Time in Jesus’ Presence   It’s funny how much we grow and change in our life with God. Just the other day I was thinking about how much my devotional time has matured and blossomed, just as I have. When I first started quiet time with God I thought the goal was to learn the most about God as I could. I read commentaries and studied books. Then one day I felt God whispering to my heart, “You know {Read More}

Marion’s Favorite Month–A WWII Story

I get a few emails from veterans every week. I shared one last week, and here’s another one I just had to share. NOW do you know why researching novels is one of my favorite things to do? I get to meet amazing men like Marion! Marion’s Favorite Month For the last sixty-three years, July has been a special month in my life. July 8, 1943 was the day I turned 21-years-of-age. (Years-of-age was a term used back then.) As {Read More}

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