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Walk it Out Stories: When God Says “Not Yet” | LaToya Edwards

It had been a long 2 years. Walking through divorce (again) and trying to heal from abuse was more than I ever bargained for. After all this time I was weary and battle worn. I received some amazing words of encouragement and lots of messages of hope and victory. So many people were praying for us. I just knew that this week was the appointed hour where God was going answer all my prayers and put an end to my {Read More}

Walk It Out Stories: The Life We Truly Crave | Elisa Pulliam

Has your life turned out how you expected or do you feel like you’ve been re-routed to places you never imagined? We were newlyweds busy plotting our course while God was about the business of “determining our steps” right into an unexpected job interview (Proverbs 16:9). Within a week of that divine appointment, my husband was hired, or should I say, we were hired. As is the case with boarding schools, it’s an all-hands-on-deck commitment. We were assigned to live {Read More}

Writer Wednesday with Beth Wiseman

Congratulations to Vivian Furbay for winning a copy of Plummet. Please e-mail your mailing address to my assistant Christen ( Enter below for a chance to win a copy of Beth Wiseman’s Home All Along! What was your favorite book as a child? Childhood books that come to mind are The Little Engine that Could, Curious George, and The Cat in the Hat. As I got older, I loved the Nancy Drew mysteries. What book did you read that first made {Read More}

Walk it Out Stories: Stepping Out to Do What I Promised Myself I Never Would | Janet Holm McHenry

There is a stirring, a restlessness, an unsettling feeling that builds up within me just before God leads me in a new direction. That was certainly true right before I had The Dream. Or rather, a literal nightmare. I was on a tour bus filled with reporters and dignitaries set out on a tour of a new housing area in Sacramento. The city fathers were impressed with how they had replaced a blighted area with beautiful, new homes. However, as {Read More}

Walk it Out Stories | Katherine Reay

I’m delighted to be a part of Tricia’s work with Walk It Out. She writes so many truths within her book. One resonated with me and that is what I’d like share here: You never know what God has in store. Simply trust him. In December 2008, I was severely injured. For a time, slowly moving from my bed to an armchair then back to bed was the most I did in a day. I could not define myself as {Read More}

Walk it Out Stories: My Journey to Mr. Wonderful | Arlene Pellicane

When I was in high school, I was blessed to have a lot of titles. Cheerleader. Honors Student. Student Body President. Youth Group Leader. But there was one title I was very displeased with. Dateless. I think I was the only one to graduate from high school without being asked out. No roller rink dates. No fast food jaunts. Nothing. But God had given me a promise. I went to a Christian school and one day after chapel, I was {Read More}

Walk it Out Stories: Serving Him Wholeheartedly | Trisha Goddard

At the young age of six years old, I was challenged to walk out my faith and go beyond the borders of my country to an ethnic group that did not have access to the truth of God’s Word. Now, I did not truly understand what serving Him wholeheartedly meant, but I did know that it was something that I wanted to do. In my early childhood, I heard stories of ethnic groups in Papua New Guinea in need of {Read More}

Writer Wednesday with Brandilyn Collins

Congratulations to Pam Hager for winning a copy of Bringing Maggie Home. Please e-mail your mailing address to my assistant Christen ( Enter below for a chance to win a copy of Brandilyn Collins’ Pummet! Why did you write this book? Plummet is one of my stand-alone Seatbelt Suspense® novels. All of these novels carry a four-point brand promise. They are: fast-paced, character-driven, with myriad twists, and an interwoven thread of faith. In Plummet, the main character, Cara, who is new to her {Read More}

Walk It Out Stories: Twice Adopted, Once Redeemed | Tami Fox

When I was born, I was placed for adoption. My adoptive family is the best family I could have! When I was 5 years old, I came to a saving knowledge of Jesus as I accepted him as my Savior. I was adopted into the family of God. What a blessing! Growing up, I went to a private Christian school, and I was able to learn more about God and deepen my spiritual roots. I was not perfect, and I {Read More}

Walk it Out Stories: Finding a Voice When God Changes the Plan | Tara Johnson

I sprinted behind my son, attempting to wrap his dripping hair in a towel. Wrestling him out of the bath had worn me out. Wrestling him into pajamas was even more difficult. Now he had broken free and was running down the hall. He squealed in delight as I huffed, “Boy, when I get a hold of you…” We rounded the corner and I stopped short, blinking in surprise. My husband stood in the living room, a big grin on {Read More}

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