A Heart Wide Open Christmas: Day 2 | 3 Perfect Gifts to Give Yourself: Time, Focus, & Remembrance


The very admission that what you’re experiencing of God is not enough is setting you up for more. – Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

I’m a gift giver by nature. The most exciting thing about December for me is buying gifts for people. I love picking out the perfect gift for the people I love. And the hardest part is WAITING until Christmas Day to give those gifts to them!

Years ago I gave myself the most perfect gifts ever. I still use them, almost on a daily basis. And the best part is that they were FREE. What were these gifts?

1. Time with God.

As a young mom of two (and a third on the way!), I started setting my alarm so that I’d wake up early to read my Bible and pray. It was hard to give up that time to sleep, but that “gift” of time with God has turned into a habit. One I still continue.

The time with God has given me peace, direction, and wisdom. I’ve become a different person as I’ve daily sought Jesus. Slowly but surely, my self-centered nature is being replaced with His heart for the world. And there was ever time that I needed to focus on His heart it’s at Christmas!


2. Focus on God.

When I was a new Christian, I’d go all day without thinking about God. I was horrified by how easily He slipped from my mind! Now I find ways to “remind” myself of His goodness. I listen to worship music through the day. I post Scriptures on 3×5 cards around my house. Whenever I fret, I turn my worries over to Him.

Focusing on God through our day changes everything. Yes, there is a rat race around us—especially at Christmas—but we can use the symbols of Christmas (the lights, music, decorations) to remind us what Christmas is all about!

3. Remembrance.

God does amazing things in our lives on a daily basis, but how easily we forgot. I’ve made it a goal to remember God’s goodness by writing down my prayer needs … and then writing down the answers in a journal. When I say “journal” it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Many of my journals are inexpensive, college-ruled notebooks. If you want to be amazed at all God does this Christmas season write it down! Then share your findings with your family on Christmas Day.

How about you? Are these gifts you want to give yourself, too?

Time with God, focus on Him, and remembrance of His goodness during the advent season are the greatest gifts that you can give yourself.

As Shellie says in her printable, “The very admission we’re making—that the way we worshipped Jesus last year and the year before isn’t enough for us any longer—this is setting us up to experience His presence more intimately than every before.”

Do you want to know Jesus better this year than you did last year? Give yourself these three gifts! And in return you’ll be giving Jesus the best gift possible … yourself!

Download the printable at Shellie’s website!


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  1. wonderful gifts of wisdom for today

  2. Wonderful wise advice, Tricia! I love the discipline of getting us early to seek His face, but it was indeed a discipline when I first began. Now it’s my great joy!!

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