3 Ways to Celebrate Children and Art

We’re an artsy type of family. On any given day you’ll find the table of our breakfast nook covered with paper, scissors, crayons and the like. I’ve never thought of our “ART” as something to celebrate, but thankful the Arkansas Art Center did!

I’ll tell you more about why we were celebrating, but first  here are 3 ways to celebrate children and art.

1. Let kids CREATE! Yes, creating art is messy, but give your children time to explore with glitter, markers, tape, glue and paper.


We never say “no” to creating more art!

2. Let kids display their art. We always have a fridge that is covered with artwork. We rotate these out often.

3. Visit art museums as a family and enjoy art together. I’ve taken my kids to museums from young ages. I let them know expectations before we go (no running, no touching), and praise them for good behavior. Usually 20-30 minutes is the maximum time we spend there, but we enjoy looking at art together.


Here is Alyssa and Bella on our recent trip to the Arkansas Arts Center.

We went to this particular museum because Bella’s artwork was chosen for a special exhibit!


She was super excited to see it there!


I think the title Sunflowers Serenade was pretty fancy for a Kindergartener’s picture … but there is a wonderful book that has almost the same title 🙂


While we were there we looked at other art pieces. Bella loved this one.


Their favorite activity was sandwich bag painting. You squeeze paint into a sandwich bag, squish it around, cut the bag open and then press it onto paper. Fun!


And they were inspired! As soon as we got home they got busy making more art!

 What is your favorite way to celebrate art with kids?


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