31 FREE Things To Do With Your Spouse For Fun!

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31 FREE Things To Do With Your Spouse For Fun!


Ever since my son Cory was a toddler, I prayed for his future wife. I prayed for someone who would love God and love Cory with all her heart. God answered my prayer with my amazing daughter-in-law Katie!

Katie is my guest blogger today, sharing a list of fun activities you can do with your spouse. She not only loves God and Cory . . . she’s super smart, too!

31 FREE Things To Do With Your Spouse For Fun

by Katie Goyer


Cory & Katie

Shovel the driveway together
Walk around the park
Listen and dance to music
Go on a nice walk
Window shop
Read together
Make wish lists for yourself. Exchange and go over them
Plan future travel
Play games
Learn ballroom dancing
Cuddle and watch a classic movie
Make a fire outside and roast s’mores
Sing karaoke
Work on a puzzle
Cook together
Make a seasonal bucket list
Clean the house together
Make a funny video
Make a family entertainment wish list at Best Buy
Play a game outside
Have a Paper airplane contest
Rearrange furniture
Read a book
Build a blanket fort
Learn a foreign language
Pick a room and rearrange it to be a fun room to be in
Teach each other card tricks
Workout together
Visit animal shelter and talk about what animals you want
Write poetry to each other

What’s something fun and free that you like to do with your spouse?! Comment and let me know!

Click here to download the printable list of free date ideas!


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God, thank you for my husband and the man you’ve created him to be. Marriage is a true blessing (and challenge!). Help us to love each other like you love us. May we continue to grow closer together and in our relationship with you.

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  1. My husband and I joked the other day when we were cleaning out the chicken coop, it’s the most time we had together alone in a long time , the kids certainly didn’t want to be there. Other thing we do is weed the garden together ( too bad it’s winter now)

  2. We watch funny u tube videos together. Go to the river and watch the boats or the plane near the airport. Pretty much an excuse to smooch ;-). Wash the car, do a cross word puzzle. Sip coffee or tea and do bible study together. Fold Landry. Just a few we do.

  3. Fun post :). We have dinner dates out on our deck with candle light (weekly in the summer time), hike, picnics in the woods. We also like to build forts, run together, my husband plays guitar so we like to sing, ice-skate on the frozen lakes nearby, we brew Kombucha tea, kayak the river at night, etc.

  4. Goo list and Funny! Especially the first one… honey lets have a nice romantic day shoveling the drive way!! LOL

  5. Stephanie Virsu says:

    such a great post

  6. Love these ideas, Tricia. We love playing the game: “remember when” when we talk about past experiences in our relationship, then move to “I would like to do _________ in the future.” It’s fun to reminisce and dream.

  7. Thank you for this printable! My husband and I have three kids, ages three and under, so we don’t always have a lot of time together. I love that these ideas are simple, practical ways for us to spend time together! 🙂

  8. April Solomon says:

    I like this list! We do some of the things on the list, but there are some others we could try! I like your marriage prayer at the bottom of the page too! Thank God for a good husband!

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