4 Ways to Make Your Job Easier: Mommy Tips to Remember

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4 Ways to Make Your Job Easier

Mommy Tips to Remember


Hey Mom, I have four ways to make your job easier today. I promise. I think you’re going to like them, too.

  1. There’s a thing called lack of sleep, and it’s catching up with you. I know that the weekend is coming, but it’s okay to rest today. Sit down. Close your eyes (if you dare). And rest. The laundry and dishes will still be there when you get up. I promise they’re not going anywhere.rest
  2. The biggest waste of a mother’s time is worrying about the next stage of your child’s life. Two things: 1. It will come. 2. It’s not going to be what you expect anyway. So enjoy your child today. If it helps, make a list of everything you enjoy about THIS season.enjoytoday
  3. There’s a thing called paper and pencil that helps you manage all that stuff in your head. It gets hard trying to remember everything, all the time. (And, hey, you are getting older.) Write down everything that you need to do today. Look and see what is THE most important thing that you need to do today? Do that first.priorities
  4. I’ve saved the best for last. You may think you’re the only one who truly sees how messy your house is today (other than your kids and your husband!), but God sees it too. And you know what? He’s totally cool with it. He knows what’s been going on. He knows that life can be a little overwhelming at times. He can see how you’re trying. Even if not ONE chore gets done today, God loves you completely. Yup, just as you are. Not only that, He’d like to carry some of those burdens. In fact, go back to Step 1, re-do, and add in a prayer. See God in this moment extending His arms of love to you. He totally has your back (if you’re willing to turn a few things over to Him). And in the process He hopes to capture your heart, too.lovescompletely

Download the printable, cut out the quotes, and put them around your house to remind you how to make the most of each day with your kids!

howtomakeyourjobeasier copy



God, thank you for the gift of motherhood—for giving me beautiful children. Help me make the most of each day with my kids and not let the stress of life get in the way of being a good parent. Thank you for precious moments together and may I savor each and every one!


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