5 Grand Ways Kids Can Love Their Grandparents

5 Grand Ways Kids Can Love Their Grandparents - TriciaGoyer.com

5 Grand Ways Kids Can Love Their Grandparents

Happy Grandparents Day!

Did you know? 10% of American children live with one or more grandparents.

Here are a few ways your kids can show love to their grandparents…

1. Send them a letter.

Even if they live nearby and even though it may cost merely cents, it’s still a grand gesture to send some snail mail. Toddlers can draw pictures (& moms can translate the picture if necessary.) Thanking them for their love and respecting their stories are always a beautiful thing to give elders.

2. Ask them questions.

Asking anyone questions implies that you value their knowledge and expertise. The elders in our community have valuable advice to give us! Your kids can get a good list of questions going. Pose this to your youngsters: “What 3 questions would you ask someone that’s been alive for __ years?”

3. Offer to help.

If distance is not too big an obstacle, how might you be able to help around the house? Pick up leaves? Mow the lawn? Dust off that one bookshelf? Paint a wall? Run some errands?

4. Make something with them.

Baking, carpentry, fishing, even writing can be great ways to show respect and love for your grandparents. Who knows?! You might finally get your hands on that heirloom recipe you’ve had your eye on!

5. Walk them through your family’s photo album.

If you’ve got access to recent photos, walk them through your favorites from the past year. Remind them of that performance their grandkid starred in, those report cards, soccer trophies, and science projects. Grandparents love to discover new ways to brag. 🙂

 What are some ways your children have shared love with their grandparents?

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