5 Questions that Can Change Your Schedule … and Your Life

5 questions

5 Questions that Can Change Your Schedule …

and Your Life

I used to be the worst at saying no. If someone needed help at church, or a babysitter, or a work-project to get done, I was the person whom they could count on. I prided myself for being able to accomplish more than anyone I knew, but the cost was great. I was stressed. I was overwhelmed. I was tired all the time. And my shoulders grew weary from the high level of expectations. Especially mine. My husband, John, was the one who taught me to say no. After one ultra-busy season he sat me down and forced me to go over my schedule. Together we asked these questions in order to pare down our calendar:


Take a few minutes and answer these questions. You might want to start with the last one first. What do you miss out on when you forget to say no? One of the most important things is inner renewal.

Dear God,

I am stretched so thin. I barely have time for any of the things I’ve committed to. I need your help. Give me discernment in what to keep in my schedule and what to get rid of. May I have the strength to say ‘no’ to people when I know I cannot take on another task. May I focus on the activities that are most important and do well at them. Thank you for your guidance and support! May my life and choices glorify your name.

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  1. You are so right about taking on to much causing us to stress out or become overwhelmed. Also if we take on too much we are unable to do our best effort on our tasks. We must not forget that we have our families also.

  2. Great questions that we all need to ask from time-to-time, Tricia. I especially agree with the last one: What GREAT things am I missing out on so that I can do lots of good things? This is so true when God lays something He wants for us on our hearts and we end up trading that GREAT thing (the gold and silver) for lots of good things, the straw, hay, wood, and stubble. Thanks for posting the list!

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