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My Writing Desk | Richard Mabry (Plus a Giveaway)

My crowded (I prefer the term “cozy”) writing area, where with a simple twist of my chair I can move from desk to computer. I use a laptop attached to a monitor and keyboard, so if I have to leave home I can simply unhook, drop the laptop in a carrier bag, and work while I get the car serviced or whatever else comes up. (Jim Bell calls this “snatching time to write.”) Get a sneak peek at where @RichardMabry’s {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Pam Hillman

First, I desperately wanted to straighten up my desk for this picture, but I didn’t have time, and what’s the point of a perfectly neat desk? A messy desk shows how busy I am. You should see the other side of the room! Or uh . . . maybe not. . . . Not only do I write from this desk, but I keep track of our farm accounts, work for ACFW, and just generally manage my family’s lives from {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Tracy Higley (Plus a Giveaway)

I love surrounding myself with all the stuff I’ve collected in my travels around the world, researching my novels. Giraffes are a special fondness, and you can spot at least two in this picture of my desk. One of my monitors is crazy-high, but that’s because I sometimes stand when I work.  And there’s always a supply of coffee on hand! Get a sneak peek at where @TLHigley’s novels take shape (cc @TriciaGoyer): Click To Tweet About Tracy Tracy L. {Read More}

My Writing Desk | John Faubion (Plus a Giveaway)

I have two desks in my office. One is for the day-to-day finances, emailing, music, and all the rest. The other one is my writing desk. I planned it with the idea of getting away from distractions. It’s on the opposite wall from my other desk, so I turn the speakers off on that one. That way I won’t be distracted by email beeps, and all the rest. And yes, I turn off the music too. I find I need {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Billy Coffey (Plus a Giveaway)

Oddly enough, I like a messy desk. I am tempted to write this off as pure laziness, but I’d rather lie and profess clutter to be the seed of creativity. It sounds better that way. Though there is admittedly a lot of “stuff” atop and around my desk, some things are more important than others. To me, the most important thing in this picture is the blank wall. I’ve tried many things on that wall over the years. It was {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Mesu Andrews (Plus a Giveaway)

I’m a messy. My sweet hubby likes order—but he loves me. When chronic illness and daily migraines moved me from busy speaker to full-time writer, I wrote my first novel at this cluttered computer armoire—in the entryway of our home. My husband had been a pastor before becoming a professor, so I was used to life on a highway, but really? Writing the story of Job while my family watched football and welcomed front-door guests over my shoulder? We made {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Terri Blackstock (Plus a Giveaway)

I don’t always write at my desk—I often write in a recliner, in my car, in other rooms—but this desk is my landing place. I deliberately didn’t clean it off before taking this picture, because I wanted you to see it messy. On the left, you’ll see a gigantic stack of papers. Those are manuscript pages, because I still print things out and mark all over the hard copies after each draft. They pile up for each book until I {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Stephanie Landsem

This is the office where I write. In the interests of keeping it real, I only cleaned up the slew of coffee and tea mugs before I took the photo. After the kids head off to school, I open all the window blinds so I can look out on the snow (or tulips and green grass during the three months that aren’t winter). It is very sunny, so it’s the place my three cats tend to visit. By late morning, {Read More}

My Writing Desk | William Sirls

My desk normally has a dictionary on it, a thesaurus, a Chicago Manual of Style, legal pads, and the normal pile of clutter that I can never seem to escape from. Get a sneak peek at where @WilliamSirls’ novels take shape (cc @TriciaGoyer): Click To Tweet About William Over the course of his life, William Sirls has experienced both great highs and tremendous lows–some born of chance, some born of choice. Life lessons involving faith, grace, and forgiveness are evident {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Cara Putman

What my desk looks like when I’m not writing What my desk usually looks like My new  Monuments Men-inspired book, Shadowed by Grace, released just in time for The Monuments Men movie to release in theaters! You can read my review of the movie and enter to win tickets to see the movie here. Keep reading to find out more about the book and two books I’m giving away today on Tricia’s blog! Get a sneak peek at where @Cara_Putman’s novels take shape {Read More}

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