Adoption in Fiction . . . and in Life


Do you ever look back and can see how God is working and are amazed? Have you ever had a moment when you have an “ah-ha” moment and the only thing you can do is praise God?

That happened to me today. That happened to me when I was writing this post.

I sat down to write about a few of the books that include adoption. I was going to share first about my novel Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana and the adoption theme. Its theme is very clear:

(1894) A young woman, Julia, was an orphan and she works in an orphanage in New York. Her life changes when she is asked to take children on the orphan train across the West to take them to their new homes. Her trip goes well until the last stop when she discovers she’s not only there to drop off the orphans, but she has a letter from a stranger stating that she’s going to be his mail order bride!

The theme of adoption is very clear in this book. It’s also very prominent in a few of the others I’ve written: Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska and The Promise Box.

In both of these novels the main character is adopted and she must deal with feelings of loss and unworthiness before she can open her heart up to romantic love.


Then, as I tried to consider if any of my other novels have adoption themes, I realized nearly all of them do! Some are novels I wrote YEARS before John and I ever planned to adopt. Realizing that (just this moment!) caused me to see God’s been working on my heart for a while, even though I didn’t realize it.

Some of my other novels that include an element of adoption:

From Dust and Ashes

Night Song

Arms of Deliverance

A Christmas Gift for Rose

All Things Hidden (and the other two books in the Home to Heather Creek Series)

Beside Still Waters (and the other two books in the Big Sky Series)

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

When you think about it, that’s a lot of novels for one author to write about an adoption theme. But it only makes sense, when you look at my home . . . there’s a lot of adopting taking place!

The first Goyer adoption happened with John adopted Cory. I was a single mom when we met in 1989, and John has been there since Cory was a baby. John adopted him when he was young. We had two biological children after that. And for many years I thought we were done adding children to our home.

As our older kids entered their teen years, John and I felt led to adopt, and we adopted Alyssa in 2010 as an infant. In January 2013, we welcomed two children from the foster care system into our home, and their adoption was finalized July of that year. And most recently we’ve opened our home to four more children (all girls!) from the foster care system. This is a pre-adoptive placement, and their adoption should be final sometime in 2016.


I honestly believe my heart for adoption began when I started praying, “Lord, show me your heart” and “Lord, give me your heart.” As I prayed He did.

Stop by to read what the rest of this post and God taught me about adoption.

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