Time to Allow Yourself to Rest . . . Before the Storms of Life Do It for You

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It took the most horrible thunderstorm I’d ever seen for me to get some rest. That and a tree down in the road. Oh, yes, and my toddler having a fever. And the power going out helped, too.

This week has been an exceptionally crazy week. I’d already been scheduled to speak at a blogging conference when we found out our new house was closing. We could have postponed the move except for the fact that my husband was going to be traveling for work for a week. My choice was try to stay put and keep the rental house clean and able to show potential buyers while he was gone or to move to a new house and live among piles of boxes with him out of town. I chose the latter. (Did I mention I have three kids six and under?)

The speaking went well, the move went well, the longer commute to take my daughter to school was fine. And then the thunderstorm hit. It was the biggest storm I’d ever seen. I’d just finished up my radio show, and I was preparing to pick up my kids from the babysitters when it hit. Sheets of water fell from the sky. Rivers of water flowed down our road. Lightning struck all around us. (I later saw a downed tree in the yard of the house right behind ours.)

I had no choice but to wait for the rain to let up some before I left . . . which meant I was late picking up my kids. And this caused a problem. You see, I was the coordinator for our teen mom support group and I HAD to be there. But then the power went out. I scrambled to find a flashlight for my 84-year-old grandma who lives with me.

I was still determined to get my kids and get from the meeting when the babysitter called next. My daughter had a high fever—could she give her something for it? Yes, I told her, and that’s when I knew that I could not make the meeting. I could not leave my grandma in the dark, and my feverish child needed me.

So . . . what did I decide to do? Find out in the rest of the post, which is featured today on Hope for the Weary Mom!


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  1. Tricia, I hope you’re rested up now. It sounds like you had quite the adventure! Will this one make it into one of your books? 🙂 There are stories all around us.

    Thanks for sharing your heart with your readers.


  2. Monique Wood says:

    I would love to win.

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