An Ode to Fall, a Poem

An Ode to Fall - a poem.

Happy first day of fall! Here’s a beautiful poem about autumn from my friend Charlotte Adelsperger. I hope you enjoy it!

Prayerfully I Walk
Time alone in an autumn wood,
I stroll on a mosaic carpet
of moist multicolored leaves–
rust brown, yellow, crimson.
I ponder the deep red patches,
scattered every step of my way.
Silently they speak of our Savior’s
redemptive, sacrificial blood—
blessing each pace on the path of life.

Charlotte Adelsperger ©1994

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  1. Shirley Chapel says:

    Beautiful picture and poem today Tricia. Love this fall season . Today in southern Ohio temperatures will climb to the 90s. Not a day we can wear our fleeces for sure. Looking forward to some cooler weather and fall colors!

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