An Unexpected Life


An Unexpected Life

Growing up I liked to imagine what my future would be like. I imagined living in the small, California town that I grew up in. I pictured getting married, having a few children, and teaching elementary school. None of that came true. Not even close.

Tricia and Cory 1989

Instead, I became a teen mom, having my son at age seventeen. Becoming a mom at a young age was hard, but it also drew me to God. When I was six months pregnant I turned my life over to Him, and I started praying for my future husband.

 God answered that prayer quickly. John was my pastor’s son, and he came to visit me after Cory’s birth. I knew a good thing when I saw it, and I didn’t let John get away. We married when Cory was nine months old (in 1990), and we soon had two more children. We got involved in church, and I started pursuing writing, focusing on Christian books and magazine articles, but my efforts didn’t get me far. And it wasn’t for lack of effort. I worked and worked, and even though I got lots of articles published, book contracts were nonexistent.

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Prayer Request…


I’m in Africa right now! Would you join me by praying for the Awana groups I’m visiting? Pray they are making a kind of difference that God desires. Pray their physical, emotional, monetary needs are met. 


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  1. i also was a teen mom having my first child at 20. but God called me to him and I was able to come to Christ and marry several years later after I meet Jesus. then had two more children. Now I pray that my children my serve Christ as well.

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