Walk it Out Stories: When God’s Call Is Not What You Think | Lynn Cowell

“If you feel called to make that commitment, come forward!” You may have responded to an invitation at some point in your life that began with similar words. I’m going to guess that this one that I responded to was a bit different. I may have only been in 9th grade, but I was already familiar with that pounding heart thing that the Holy Spirit did inside of me when He wanted me to move. This particular night, the beating {Read More}

The Easiest Way to Find God’s Will For Your Family

When I first started following God I assumed that “His will” involved finding a career or ministry that was right for me, and then pursuing that with everything in me. The thing was, God brought many different areas of serving others into my life: writing books, speaking, volunteering in a pregnancy center, and mentoring teen moms to name a few. All these things involved loving others with what I had. At the same time I was serving others, I was {Read More}

Two Young Men, a Journalist Full of Faith, and a Family Forged by God

    Her answer came when one story fell into her life and never left. Leroy Sutton, who lost his legs in a childhood train accident, and Dartanyon Crockett, who was legally blind and had no permanent place to call home were first drawn together by their handicaps. The boys soon developed a brother-like bond and became inseparable—Leroy often found riding the back of Dartanyon wherever they went. As Lisa filmed her feature about this remarkable friendship for ESPN, she {Read More}

Walk It Out Stories: Choosing To Believe in God’s Goodness When Life is Hard | Alexandra Kuykendall

I sat in the pediatric wing of the hospital, in the ground floor room we’d been assigned after our night in the E.R. I wondered how we would survive as a family. A toddler hooked up to tubes, breathing in the oxygen she needed, not wanting me to move even two inches away from her in this strange world of linoleum floors and stark overhead lighting. I needed to stay right there with her, pretending like this was simply a {Read More}

When God Called Us to Adopt Teens

I clearly remember the moment I knew God was calling John and I to adopt a sibling group of older girls. God didn’t speak as through a megaphone. Instead, it was one small conversation—and more small thoughts—that built into an idea that I knew was from God. The thoughts first started as I mentored teen moms in the young mom support group I lead. A number of the young moms had aged out of foster care. With no family support, {Read More}

Walk it Out Stories: 7 Ways to Walk It Out When Eternity Hits Close to Home | Michelle Nietert

My stomach tightened as I felt my eyes begin to water. Opening my Facebook feed is a regular morning routine that I consider a vocational necessity. My usual morning check ins were immediately detoured by the photo before me. I stared at her grinning face in the wheel chair my husband pushed and a heavy sigh escaped my lips. “How could she really be gone?” I pondered for the umpteenth time. “This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. We {Read More}

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