A Bridge To Cling To

A Bridge To Cling To *This post is part of my Beautiful Bridges and Special Kisses Giveaway! Want to link up, or looking for more info on the chance to win a collection of TEN Amish novels? Click here. I remember the moment as if it were yesterday. I was on a research trip with two of my author friends. They were researching for their novels, and I was along for the ride. It was the first time I’d been {Read More}

Homeschool Holiday Volunteering!

What are you doing for your Christmas homeschool break? Shopping? Traveling? Opening your home to family and friends? Have you thought about adding “volunteering” to your holiday festivities? Many homeschooling families take off some time during December from homeschooling, which opens up hours for volunteering. At the same time service organizations seek willing workers to help with holiday events. It’s a win-win for both! “Why volunteer?” you may ask. Homeschooling isn’t just about the books for us; it’s about teaching—through {Read More}

God Gave Me the Gift of Women With a Similar Shape (and Sprinkles of Beauty, Too!)

I love Christmas gifts, but this year the greatest *new* gifts I received were given to me a few months before Christmas. For me 2012 was a year of connecting my heart with hundreds of other women with the same passion(s) as me: loving God, writing, and being a wife/mom. I thought I was unique, but being around a group of amazing women at the Allume Conference, I turned to a friend and said, “I think I found my people.” {Read More}

30 Days of Thankfulness | Can You Help?

I’m excited to announce that I’m participating in 30 Days of Thankfulness with All Things Southern. Thirty Days of Thankfulness is an annual humanitarian effort designed to coincide with the Thanksgiving season. Last year, the campaign worked with Life Today to drill a well in Southern Africa. Even as you read these words, that well continues to supply fresh, life-sustaining water to an entire village. AWESOME! By participating, I’m also partnering in our drive with other authors and their respective communities. The goal of Writers and {Read More}

Summer Through Alyssa’s Eyes

Take a peek at what summer (including our missions trip to the Czech Republic) looked like through the eyes of my daughter Alyssa! View the slideshow here.

Don’t Miss This!!

  Thomas Nelson Author and Hoops of Hope founder, Austin Gutwein, to host September 6 online event to focusing on themes his latest release, Live to Give. On September 6 at 8 PM EDT, Austin Gutwein will be hosting a live Facebook web event to encourage participants to conquer their fears and use their talents to help others. The webcast will center on the themes Gutwein writes about in his latest release “Live to Give: Letting God Turn Your Talents {Read More}

I Love Prague

I love Prague. The architecture is amazing. The castles, the cathedrals, the buildings, the shops, the cobblestone, the statues, the bridges, the boats, the sky, the parks, the birds . . . LOL. There is a lot to love. But I don’t love it as much as I did in 2000. Or actually, I love it as much, but I so long for things to return to how they were. When I visited in 2000, it was May and the {Read More}

Cobblestones and River Paths

Have you ever had one of those moments when all seems right in the world? More than that, when life seems to be a series of steppingstones that has led you to one specific place and time? I felt like that our last night in Olomouc, Czech Republic. We’d just had some great pizza and ice cream, and our mission team was walking back to the Bible college where we were staying. Laughter echoed off the centuries-old buildings and cobblestone {Read More}

There Comes a Time . . .

There comes a time when you take “Go, Ye, into all the world” seriously and invite your neighbor out to coffee and look into taking a mission trip with your kids. When you realize people need Jesus and if you don’t reach them, who will? There comes a time when you consider that Jesus meant it when He said to care for the widows and orphans, and you think about opening your home and making friends with the aged and {Read More}

A Day of Stories

Auschwitz Today was a day of stories. We traveled to Poland to see Auschwitz-Birkenau. I’ve read many books about Auschwitz. Part of my novel Night Song took place there, and being there was surreal. More than 1.4 million people visit Auschwitz every year, and the place was packed with people from around the world. As we walked, we heard facts about the locations, and in my mind I scrolled through the stories I read of those who’d been there. As {Read More}

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