Love Book + Giveaway!

My husband is one of the hardest people to buy. Mostly because he’s just so content. There isn’t much he needs . . . or even wants. My man loves time together. He also love to hear how much I love and respect him. This year I decided to get John a Love Book. I loved a few things about it: 1. The book is easy to create and able to be edited. 2. It’s a fun and humorous gift. {Read More}

Where Does Your Husband Go To Be Admired and Appreciated? | Sharon Jaynes

Where does your husband go for admiration and appreciation? He goes somewhere. All men do. Does he go to work in hopes of hearing “Job well done”? Does he go to the ball field in hopes of hearing “Way to go, man”? Does he go back home to mother to hear “I’m so proud of you, son”? Does he work late hoping for a few compliments from the gals in the office? Does he feast on compliments from patients or {Read More}

God’s Whispers About Your Future Husband ~ A Devotion for Teen Girls

Have you ever thought about what a whisper will sound like from your future husband? Can you picture the two of you snuggled on a couch? Or at a park? Or walking along a sidewalk? He leans close. You feel his breath on your cheek. What does he say? I love you. I can’t wait until we’re alone. You look beautiful. Isn’t that what every young woman hopes for some day? We all want a guy who will love God {Read More}

Four Marriage Fades You Need to STOP Today | Jill Savage

My husband Mark and I have been are getting ready to celebrate our 34th anniversary, and 25 of those years were happy ones. Marriage has always been up and down for us, but six years ago Mark really lost his way and found himself in a midlife crisis…affair included. He was disillusioned with God, the church, and marriage. He eventually left me, our five children, and headed off to pursue this new relationship. Four months later, God got ahold of {Read More}

Four Ways to Thrive While Raising Difficult Children | by Sally Clarkson

The memory is singed into my mind, easily remembered though it happened so many years ago. Our family of five was moving from California to Texas, a process that would take eighteen hours of plane trips and car rides. For me, the prospect presented a formidable challenge. Finally, we made it to our destination in Dallas, looking forward to dinner at one of Clay’s favorite restaurants. Assuming there would be something to please every palate, he hoped it would be {Read More}

Ask Tricia {+ giveaway winners announced}

I get asked questions all the time. As a wife of twenty-six years, a mom of ten, a homeschooler and a writer of over 60 books people want to know how my life works. Here is one of those questions and my short answer. More to come in the coming weeks! How do you and John nurture your marriage? —Jennifer We try to have a date night at least twice a month. We try to get away together every year. {Read More}

Growing Mission-Minded Hearts

One of the most important directives of the Bible is Mark 16:15, which says, “[Jesus] said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’” How do we know it’s one of the most important? Because these are Jesus’ parting words to His disciples. He was leaving the earth for heaven, but He wanted the work to continue. Jesus has a heart for missions, and He wants us—and our children—to have the same. I’m a {Read More}

Living the Impossible Life {by Marlo Schalesky}

It was another impossible day in my normally impossible life. I woke to Jayden’s blood glucose monitor shrilly announcing a low blood sugar, one twin fiercely arguing with the four-year-old about a pencil, the bunnies escaped from their cages and running rampant (and leaving little round “signs” of where they’d been) all over the room, and one ten-year-old shouting about the Warriors shirt she just had to wear to school today, but of course, could not find. I should have {Read More}

Best Read Alouds {Picture & Chapter Books}

One of my favorite times of the day is when I get the kids settled in a night and it’s time to read. Bedtime reading has been a tradition that we’ve done for the last 20+ years. We make sure all electronics are turned off, the kids get ready for bed, and we sit down as a family to read. It’s amazing how many wonderful books we get to share as a family! I asked my readers on Facebook to share {Read More}

How To Write Your Own Family Christmas Prayer {Plus FREE Printable!}

Christmas means twinkling lights and sparkling snowflakes. It also means time with family and remembering God’s gift of love. Christmas can also represent a time of prayer for children. One sweet book that has taught my children about prayer is A Very Merry Christmas Prayer by Bonnie Jensen. And while it’s wonderful for my children to read about prayer, it’s even more important that they learn how to pray. I decided this year I’d like my kids to write our {Read More}

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