What It’s Really Like Adopting Teens from Foster Care …

As I write this, we’ve had our new girls in our home for twenty days. Twenty glorious, noisy, dramatic, wonderful days. As parents for 26 years, John and I are used to noise, to mess, and to drama, but adopting teens from foster care takes this to a whole new level … in a good way. Currently, John is out of town for work and last night we Skyped with him. In addition to our new teens ages 15, 12, and 12, we {Read More}

Count Your Blessings

Is there such thing as “too much of a good thing?” Yes! In fact that’s what my life feels like right now. There are a lot of good things happening: I’m celebrating the 70th reunion of the liberation of Mauthausen camp  during the whole month of May with a special WWII series hosted on my blog and social media. Stayed tuned for book giveaways, veteran interviews, WWII recipes, and more! I’m enjoying homeschooling my three little ones. I’m especially excited because {Read More}

Adoption, A Mother’s Greatest Gift

I held the small baby in my arms, wrapped up in a receiving blanket to keep her warm from the chill of the delivery room, and a voice spoke to me. “Congratulations, Mom.” The congratulations came from an unlikely source—the grandmother of this child, the mother of the sweet birth mother who chose adoption for her baby girl. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. Thankfulness filled my heart—to God who’d answered my prayers and to the birth mom {Read More}

My Forever Home | A Reminder from Orphans

I know my writing work is important because I get emails, tweets, and Facebook notes from online readers. But God reminds me often that my ministry isn’t just online … it’s offline, too. There are seasons when the most important heart I can touch is within arm’s reach. My ministry isn’t just online…it’s offline & in arm’s reach @TriciaGoyer #adoption Click To Tweet I open my arms and the small girl steps forward and enters my embrace. I expect her {Read More}

Live Your Life’s Dream… Inspired by God

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him. 1 Corinthians 2:9 (NIV) As a speaker, one of my favorite things to do is encourage the audience to “dream big.” Too many times we put God in a box. Dream big. Don’t put God in a box. @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet We’re afraid to step out of our comfort zones. We forget that God created the universe, so {Read More}

Books: Snapshots of Our Lives

John and I are in the process of adopting four girls, ages 14, 12, 12, and 10, from the foster care system. They are beautiful, smart, and funny. We’ve had two day visits and one weekend visit with them, and John and I are just scratching the surface at discovering who these amazing young women are. At the same time John and I are trying to share our lives, our likes, our values, . . . and our books. A few {Read More}

How to Homeschool Adopted Kids

When John and I planned on adopting children, I knew that I wanted to homeschool them. I homeschooled our oldest three from preschool through high school and it was a wonderful experience. Yet homeschooling my adopted kids didn’t happen as easy (or as quickly) as I thought. Homeschooling Alyssa from preschool age was no problem. We adopted her as a newborn from a private placement. Yet adopting from the foster care system, and homeschooling Casey and Bella, has been a {Read More}

Adoption | He Said, She Said

This post is part of For the Family’s He Said/She Said series. My husband, John, and I shared our perspectives on our adoption journey. Keep reading for both sides of the story! He Said {John’s Perspective} When I met Tricia she was the young mother of a baby boy, so we’ve had children in our relationship since our first date. We never got a honeymoon phase, and I always said that we were getting an early start. I set my mind on {Read More}

Adoption: Sometimes Love Grows

In my 25 years as a mom there have been many homecomings as I brought my children home for the first times. When Cory was born, I was a 17-year-old single mom, and we returned to my parents’ house. With Leslie and Nathan, John and I lived in low-income housing while he was in school. There was no designer nursery, but I did have room for a bassinet next to our bed. We adopted Alyssa as a baby. She was {Read More}

Adoption from Foster Care: Your Questions Answered, Part 4

Recently I wrote this blog post on how to adopt from foster care. I was thrilled by the huge response, but there were also a lot of questions. I turned these questions over to experts in foster care adoption. Here are the links to those posts: Adoption from Foster Care: Your Questions Answered, Part 1 Adoption from Foster Care: Your Questions Answered, Part 2 Adoption from Foster Care: Your Questions Answered, Part 3 Now, here are your newest questions answered: Julia DesCarpentrie {Read More}

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