4 Activities for Your Child’s Summer

  4 Activities for Your Child’s Summer For many children, summer is a time for travel, imagination, and time with siblings. Think back to when you were a kid. Which memories of summer activities are the strongest in your mind? Which memories do you want to give to your children too? Which childhood summer memories are the strongest in your mind? @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet I found a few summer activities to share with you, beyond the tried and true list {Read More}

Bonding Through Books | The Importance of Reading Aloud to Your Kids

I had the privilege of stopping by the Read-Aloud Revival  podcast to share about how reading aloud help me bond with my adoptive kids. Listen to the interview to find out how even though I grew up in a non-reading family, reading and writing has become a huge part of my family’s culture. Also, discover some of my favorite read-alouds and books that made me a reader and writer. Thanks for having me, Sarah! Click here to listen.   Looking for great read-alouds for your {Read More}

6 Ways Your Children can Serve ‘The Least of These’

As moms there are many things we want our children to know, but as a mom for 25 years now (and my youngest still only four years old) I find as the years past my priorities for my kids focus more on Jesus’ priorities. And what was one of those priorities at the top of the list? Caring for “the least of these.” More than anything Jesus wants us to care for those without honor, without resources, and often without {Read More}

7 Ways to Teach Your Toddler About Jesus

7 Ways to Teach Your Toddler About Jesus by Anne Garboczi Evans   Hi, I’m Anne and I’m the mother of a talkative little two-year-old named Joe-Joe. And the older he grows, the more he wants to know. Growing up the second of four kids, I always thought of kids’ learning things as osmosis. You hang around smart people who have bookshelves full of interesting books and you end up educated—and entertained, and fed, and owning a driver’s license, right? {Read More}

Teaching R-E-S-P-E-C-T to Preschoolers

Teaching R-E-S-P-E-C-T to Preschoolers   There are many important values that we need to teach our kids, but in my opinion one of the most challenging is teaching respect. Actually, it’s more than just teaching our children what respect is, it’s training them to be respectful … and that’s where the problem lies. From the moment of birth, children are “me” centered. Their sole focus is on having their needs fulfilled—for food, for rest, for comfort. Then, as they grow {Read More}

How to Be the Perfect Mom: Stop Trying to Be Perfect

How to Be the Perfect Mom… Stop Trying to Be Perfect! I was a very young mom when I had my first child, just seventeen. Teen pregnancy was something whispered about in 1989, but I noticed the stares. Because of those stares I wanted to make sure I did everything right. I wanted to have the perfect kids so that people would see that a young mom could succeed. If I could go back and do things differently, I would {Read More}

A New Family Favorite (& Giveaway!)

A New Family Favorite We have no less than a dozen Bible story books and our kids love to read them. Bella, Casey and Alyssa were excited when the Treasury of Bible Stories arrived. And they were even more excited when I started to read. Rhyming books are always fun. We love Dr. Suess and we love rhymes. What a joy to find a Bible Story book with fun rhymes that catch a child’s interest! There are twenty stories in {Read More}

The Balance Between Mom and Writer

I started writing when my kids were five, two, and a newborn, and I was starting my first year of homeschool. My husband was in college and worked at night. We were poor. LOL. I started writing during naptime, but by the time I started getting book contracts, my kids were too old for naps, we still homeschooled, and my kids were home all day. So for years I wrote when they were around the house—usually in the afternoon. I {Read More}

Don’t Miss Your Kids in All Your “God Projects”

Don’t Miss Your Kids in All Your “God Projects”   I’m a project person. I like lists to check off and gold stars (even if they are imagined) placed on my jobs that are well done. As an author I like to type “The End”at the completion of my novels. As a Teen MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) leader, I like getting into my car after a meeting and letting out a contented sigh, knowing the speaker’s message touched a great {Read More}

Teach Your Children Who They Are, Before The World Teaches Them Who They Should Be.

  Teach Your Children Who They Are, Before The World Teaches Them Who They Should Be. I’m not sure how or when the tradition started,but one of my favorite times of the week is when I bathe my young children. Six, four, and three-years-old, their legs reach nearly to the end of the tub as I lay each one down. My left hand in under a back. And my right hand rinses soap out of hair. Wide eyes look up {Read More}

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