5 Ways to Encourage Singles While They Wait on God | Kristen Tiber

Scroll below for a chance to win a paperback copy of Kristen Tiber’s At the Well!  When I think back to my single days, I am very thankful I had a group of girlfriends with whom to hang out during the years before I got married. The time of waiting to meet and marry my husband would have been so much longer if not for a lovely group of Christians who could spur on one another in faith, laugh endlessly {Read More}

Love Book + Giveaway!

My husband is one of the hardest people to buy. Mostly because he’s just so content. There isn’t much he needs . . . or even wants. My man loves time together. He also love to hear how much I love and respect him. This year I decided to get John a Love Book. I loved a few things about it: 1. The book is easy to create and able to be edited. 2. It’s a fun and humorous gift. {Read More}

Where Does Your Husband Go To Be Admired and Appreciated? | Sharon Jaynes

Where does your husband go for admiration and appreciation? He goes somewhere. All men do. Does he go to work in hopes of hearing “Job well done”? Does he go to the ball field in hopes of hearing “Way to go, man”? Does he go back home to mother to hear “I’m so proud of you, son”? Does he work late hoping for a few compliments from the gals in the office? Does he feast on compliments from patients or {Read More}

Four Marriage Fades You Need to STOP Today | Jill Savage

My husband Mark and I have been are getting ready to celebrate our 34th anniversary, and 25 of those years were happy ones. Marriage has always been up and down for us, but six years ago Mark really lost his way and found himself in a midlife crisis…affair included. He was disillusioned with God, the church, and marriage. He eventually left me, our five children, and headed off to pursue this new relationship. Four months later, God got ahold of {Read More}

Ask Tricia {+ giveaway winners announced}

I get asked questions all the time. As a wife of twenty-six years, a mom of ten, a homeschooler and a writer of over 60 books people want to know how my life works. Here is one of those questions and my short answer. More to come in the coming weeks! How do you and John nurture your marriage? —Jennifer We try to have a date night at least twice a month. We try to get away together every year. {Read More}

When You’re a Child of Divorce

  I remember the first time I heard that a friend’s parents were divorcing. I must have been 7 at the time, and I didn’t understand. Was that possible? People were allowed to do that? It didn’t seem right. More than that, it seemed wrong. Growing up, I didn’t know my biological dad, and my mom married my stepdad when I was 4 so I remember little before him. They had a fine marriage, but there were always issues. Even {Read More}

16 Practical {Yet Awesome!} Wedding & Shower Gifts

Functional gifts they will actually use! And if you’re creating your bridal or wedding gift registry start with these … you won’t be disappointed! My niece Ashley is getting married, and I had a hard time finding a gift. Not because she didn’t have a gift registry. (She did.) Not because I didn’t have ideas. (I did.) But because I have 25 of my favorite things and it was hard to choose! Why are these my favorite things? They’re practical {Read More}

Advice to My Younger {Married} Self — Part 2

John and I haven’t had a perfect marriage. Far from it! There have been struggles over the years, but I’m so happy that we decided to fight FOR our marriage instead of fighting against each other. I shared a few marriage tips I’ve learned along the way a few weeks ago here. I asked YOU to share what advice you’d give your younger married self. Here is the second part of your great answers: What advice would you give your younger married {Read More}

Are You Helping Your Husband Follow His Dreams?

What are your husband’s dreams? Do you know them? If you do, what are you doing to help him reach his dreams? If you’re not … have you thought about starting? Today is the day to start helping your husband reach your dreams. Why today? Because time doesn’t stop and wait for us to catch up! I realize this every time I look into the mirror. I’m a bit rounder than I was when we got married. So is my {Read More}

6 Ways to Pray for Your Husband: Pray for Strength & Right Living

There are many things we can pray for our husbands, but one thing we continually need to pray for is strength. We live in a world with darkness all around. Everyday our husbands are assulted with unholy attitudes, foul displays of ungodliness, and temptations that appeal to his flesh—even as his spirit battles against them. Friends, we need to pray for strength for our husbands to stand against temptation. We need to pray that our husbands will have tender and {Read More}

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