Still praying for that future husband? Don’t give up!

Are you still praying for a husband? Do you feel like giving up? Maybe you started praying in your teens and you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 40s now. Perhaps you’ve started to believe that your prayers are doing NOTHING. Sometimes it may seem like that’s true, but it’s not. Your prayers are working … but in ways you may not see for years and years to come. Your prayers are working, but in ways you may not see for {Read More}

In a cathedral in Europe my daughter said I DO!

Saturday, May 23 was like something out of a movie. My son Nathan (21) walked me down the aisle of a European cathedral built in the 12th century. The sun shone down through stained glass windows, causing the elaborate interior to glimmer and glow. It was my daughter’s wedding. My husband was waiting to walk her down the aisle minutes after my entrance. She wore a beautiful gown, and a handsome Czech man stood waiting to take her as his {Read More}

Advice to My Younger {Married} Self

John and I haven’t had a perfect marriage. Far from it! There have been struggles over the years, but I’m so happy that we decided to fight FOR our marriage instead of fighting against each other. Here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way: Greet each other with a welcome kiss after every work day, even if that means putting down the paper or turning off the television. If you feel cranky, that is not a time to talk about {Read More}

Indiana Jones + Indiana Josephine: When Love Becomes an Adventure

Last week John and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary. I knew when I married John that life would be an adventure, and it has been, but when I let him plan our anniversary I had no idea what I was getting into … This is John and I on the second longest zip line in Central America. 1900 ft long with a 300 ft drop. (It was one of 10 zip lines we went on that day, and it was {Read More}

A Priceless Wedding Shower on a Budget

My oldest daughter is getting married in May! (You may have seen a previous post.) And she was only home in Little Rock for a month, which means lots of wedding planning, picking out a dress, checking out the reception spot, and having a bridal shower. Talk about busy! (And that doesn’t include Christmas, New Years, everyone in the family getting strep, book edits and deadlines on another book, oh my!) Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at Leslie’s bridal shower. I {Read More}

Praying for Your Child’s Future Spouse

Cory was just a small toddler when I started praying for his future spouse. It wasn’t something I prayed for every day . . . or even every week. But I prayed when God stirred my heart. I prayed when I struggled in my own marriage. I prayed when my marriage grew stronger and full of joy. And I honestly believe my prayers made a difference. Prayer always does. I adore my daughter-in-law, Katie. She and Cory have been married {Read More}

Say YES to the dress … and the book!

Saturday I went wedding dress shopping with my daughter, her bridesmaids, and my 85-year-old grandmother. Here is the group! (I was taking the photo.) My daughter Leslie is the second on the left with the curly hair!   I took photos of my daughter in the dresses she was trying on, and the dress she CHOSE! (It was the 4th one!) But at least a dozen times I was told, “Don’t you dare share those photos online!” So I’m sorry, {Read More}

6 Resources That Can Transform Your Marriage!

John and I haven’t had a perfect marriage. Far from it! There have been struggles over the years, but I’m so happy that we decided to fight FOR our marriage instead of fighting against each other. Fight for your marriage, not against each other! @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet One thing that helps us was reading marriage books and watching marriage video series. It helps to have a third person (the author/speaker) giving the advice instead of the spouse pointing fingers. {Read More}

31 FREE Things To Do With Your Spouse For Fun!

31 FREE Things To Do With Your Spouse For Fun!   Ever since my son Cory was a toddler, I prayed for his future wife. I prayed for someone who would love God and love Cory with all her heart. God answered my prayer with my amazing daughter-in-law Katie! Katie is my guest blogger today, sharing a list of fun activities you can do with your spouse. She not only loves God and Cory . . . she’s super smart, too! {Read More}

Thankful Listening | The Importance of Listening in Marriage

Thankful Listening   The Importance of Listening in Marriage My husband John is a self-proclaimed computer geek. Do you know what that means? Lots of talk about CPUs, ram, network access, accessibility, blah, blah, blah. For years listening to the computer mumbo-jumbo drove me crazy. #1—I didn’t know what he was saying. #2—I didn’t care. (I mean, I was still trying to figure out what to make for dinner while he was talking about reconfiguring hard drives … or something like {Read More}

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