Women Who Inspire 2013

I was honored to be named as one of Hope for Women’s Women Who Inspire this year! Be sure to stop by their website and browse through the slides of other women who inspire (many of whom I’d have on my own list if I had to choose!). You can see my slide here. Are you new here? You might want to subscribe to my email updates, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or Instagram.

Interview with Carey Bailey

Last month I had the opportunity to have Carey Bailey on my show, Living Inspired. You can listen to that interview here. She is currently touring the web on a Litfuse blog tour with her product Cravings. We got the chance to ask a few more question about her awesome new devotional made especially for busy moms! What inspired the idea for the product?This post best describes it. Basically once I became a mom I lost my God time. I {Read More}

Titanic Survivors – Eyewitnesses to History The Courageous Colonel: Archibald Gracie | Guest Post by Sharyn Kopf

I’m excited that so many are enjoying the characters in my novel, By the Light of the Silvery Moon. Want to know more about the REAL people on the Titanic? My friend Sharyn has been kind enough to write some profiles for us. They are amazing and interesting…enjoy! One of the last survivors to abandon ship, Colonel Archibald Gracie went through just about as much as could be endured the night of the sinking. The trauma was so great, in {Read More}

You’re Already Amazing

I had the opportunity to have Holley Gerth on my show on April 19th. She is the author of book You’re Already Amazing. Here’s a little more about the book … Women feel enormous pressure to be perfect. To have the perfect body, to be a perfect woman, to have the perfect career, and to have the perfect attitude. All the time. Under all that pressure and all those expectations are women carrying burdens they were never meant to carry {Read More}

Allume: Get Your Tickets Now!

I am really excited about this year’s Allume! Tickets are going really quick, so if you want to go, get your tickets now! What is Allume?Allume is the community that is all about Christ invading our souls and us reflecting His light out to the world, via the online space and in our spheres of influence – home and beyond.  At Allume you’ll find articles, podcasts, videos, and all kinds of goodness to encourage you in the Light. Allume Social {Read More}

Journeying On The Titanic

Head on over to the Homeschool Convention blog where I guest posted earlier this week on our trip to the Titanic Attraction in Branson, Missouri! ~~~ Want more about the Titanic? Check out my new book: By the Light of the Silvery Moon!  Amelia Gladstone’s hopes are tied up in the Titanic–hopes for a reunion with her sister and an introduction to an admirer. But when she offers a spare ticket to a down-and-out young man, her fate is about {Read More}

Passport France

Years ago when I was a young homeschooling mom I discovered Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. (I’m still a homeschool mom, just not as young.) I loved them! (Still do.) My kids enjoyed learning about one topic and exploring it in various way. Recently my co-author Mike Yorkey and I invited Amanda to chat with us about France! Why France? Mike and I have a book, Chasing Mona Lisa, that is set there, and Amanda has a new Unit Study on {Read More}

Coming Soon: October Baby

I had a chance to watch October Baby with my family and I have to say I loved the movie! It’s about a young woman who discovers that she was adopted–but more than that, that she survived an abortion attempt by her birth mother. It’s an impacting, moving story. It’s told well, and they did a great job with the production. The story wasn’t an easy one to tell, yet they pulled it off well! After the movie was over {Read More}

Video Chat

Why video chat? Video chat is better then a Facebook party because you will be able to ask questions live instead of trying to read and keep up with the many many posts. You will also be able to see the authors which results in better interaction. Also, unlike the Facebook parties, we can record and save the chat to share with those who are not able to make it tonight! Not to mention, these chat are always so much {Read More}

Chasing Mona Lisa in WORLD Magazine!

Source: bonsaigiraffe.tumblr.com via Tricia on Pinterest It’s always fun to come home to good news. This week I found out Chasing Mona Lisa was a notable book in World Magazine!  Here is what they had to say:  Chasing Mona Lisa | Tricia Goyer & Mike Yorkey Chasing Mona Lisa features a plucky female heroine, her gallant man, a couple of gun battles, bad guys worth rooting against, historical detail, and suspense. With Paris in 1944 on the verge of liberation, {Read More}

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