Cooking + Audiobooks = Unexpected Me Time {+ Recipe and a Giveaway}

*Note: This first appeared as an eblast. To read first and for more exclusive giveaways, be sure that you are subscribed to my mailing list!  One of my favorite things is cooking dinner. It’s a good thing that I like it because I cook for 11 people every night. I like to try new recipes, but I also have old favorites. It’s extremely satisfying to gather my whole family around the table every night and see my family members enjoying {Read More}

Christmas Cleaning + Cleaning Supply Printable

Christmas Cleaning + Cleaning Supply Printable Christmas means company. Company means cleaning. There is nothing worse that coming home with your nutmeg, evaporated milk, and 100 other items and realizing you forgot the cleaning supplies! Christmas means company. Company means cleaning. @TriciaGoyer shares her cleaning supply list! Click To Tweet I have favorite cleaning supplies that I’ve used for years. (Let’s call them “classic cleaners.”) I keep a list inside the cabinet in my cleaning closet inside a plastic sleeve. {Read More}

30 Cheap & Fun Date Ideas

30 Cheap & Fun Date Ideas Have your date nights turned into a routine dinner and a movie? Remember how much fun you used to have when you first started dating? I asked friends for suggestions and came up with a list of 30 great date ideas. Spice up date night with a few of these ideas! @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet Download and print the checklist! Click here for the .pdf             Here are some ideas {Read More}

Writing a True Story of Depression and Hope

  Writing a True Story of Depression and Hope   Like everyone else, I was heartbroken to hear about the death of Robin Williams. I remember first falling in love with him when he played Mork on Mork and Mindy. I remember playing with the other kids in 5th grade saying, “Na-Nu Na-Nu.” Hearing of his death was hard enough, but to find out he died by suicide made my heart ache.   For many years I didn’t understand the pain {Read More}

August’s Instagram Roundup!

  August’s Instagram Roundup!   Here are some favorite snapshots from my Instagram feed this month. If you’re on Instagram too, let’s connect!   Follow me on Instagram to get these photos and more arrive directly to you as I post them! Here are some favorite snapshots from my Instagram feed this month. @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet Prayer Thank you God, for blessing me with children whose smiles bring such joy to my heart. I have so much to be thankful {Read More}

Branson: Family Fun for Labor Day!

Looking for a fun family getaway over Labor Day? Consider Branson!   Branson, Missouri is one of our family’s favorite places to visit. In fact, after spending at TON of money going to Disneyworld earlier in the year my husband and I agreed, “Why did we spend all that money in Orlando when we could have just gone to Branson?” There are a few reasons why we love Branson: 1. Old fashioned values. Everywhere you go in Branson there is wholesome, {Read More}

My Testimony & a Call for Readers’ Photos!

My Testimony & Call for Readers’ Photos! One of my favorite blogs,, has featured my testimony video. I’d be honored if you take a couple minutes to listen and then share your own testimony in the comments below. I love to be inspired by my readers’ stories.     & Show me your photos! I’d like to do a monthly blog post featuring your reading life! Share your photos as a reader by tagging @TriciaGoyer and #iSpyTriciaG on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or Instagram. {Read More}

July’s Instagram Round-Up!

I’m a pretty avid Instagram-er.   So I thought I’d share some photo highlights from the past month of summer travels and fun with the Goyer clan. If you’re on Instagram too, let’s connect! Family Photo at the Dixie Stampede! The Girls Love Exploring Iva’s Farm Summer Days Swimming with Goggle Friends! From Our Trip to The Living History Museum – Dress Up is So Much Fun! I Loved Catching Up With Joanna Weaver! A Beautiful Montana Rainbow! From our {Read More}

An Update from Kenya

An Update from Kenya At age 17, I became a teen mom… During my pregnancy it seemed that wherever I went I felt labeled. People noticed my “mistake,” but they didn’t see my heart. Few noticed how I was seeking God, and trying to make changes. My large, round stomach was all that they noticed. They are called slums because that’s why they are. It’s easy to overlook what’s truly important. @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet It’s easy to overlook what’s {Read More}

AR Tornado Victim Update: Fill Kristin’s Kitchen!

As you may remember my friend Kristin Gaffney and her family lost their home in the April 29th tornado in Mayflower, Arkansas. Kristin, her husband Dan, and their six children survived in a safe room, but their whole house was wiped off its foundation. As you can see, Kristin and Dan lost nearly everything. This is their house:   I thought it would be wonderful if my friends and I could help fill Kristin’s Kitchen. Kristin loves Pampered Chef, and {Read More}

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