Making Pinterest-Worthy Graphics for Your Blog

  I’ve been blogging for many years. I write to encourage, educate, and inspire. I love to hear from readers. I like to know my words are getting out and making a difference! Over the last year, Pinterest has revolutionized my blogging. Blogs that used to get a few hundred readers get readers in the thousands or tens of thousands. Most of these readers come from Pinterest and Facebook. Readers are inspired, educated, and encouraged by my words, but the first step to {Read More}

Christian Fiction Shares Good News Even When You’re Not Looking For It.

When did you first start reading Christian fiction? What kept you reading? Here is my story… I was a very rebellious kid in highschool. A Christian friend of my mom’s loaned her some novels by Jeanette Oke. I was a big reader. I usually read stuff like Stephen King, but I loved those Jeanette Oke books. I read them over and over. When I was 17 and pregnant out of wedlock, I gave my heart to the Lord. A few years {Read More}

Snap It to Win It Contest!

We all have that moment when we realize our lives are too stressful, too busy, too filled, and instead of feeling content with ourselves, our relationships, our lives, we end up disappointed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. Sometimes even the simplest reminder—whether it’s a photograph or a page of encouragement from a book—can help us de-stress and re-prioritize our lives. My new book, The One Year® Book of Amish Peace, taps into the wisdom of the Amish in order to help us draw {Read More}

Social Media Success: What’s All the Attention About?

Recently Chipotle had a hack on their Twitter account. Someone got onto their stream and posted nonsense tweets. It turns out, they did it themselves, for a publicity stunt. After all it worked for Burger King who did the same think and gained 30,000 followers. Read more about the stunt. Thirty thousand is a lot of people. In the eyes of business, that’s a ton of new customers. Yet is that the point of social media—to get attention? To build “the numbers”? {Read More}

More Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Readers

You can read my last set of must-follow Pinterest boards here. I loved looking through the Pinterest boards, and I got ideas for my own board. Here are even more must-follow Pinterest boards. Bookish Vignettes by Amanda Dykes. The board is is a visual tour of little snapshots of reading. The goal of the board is to help readers wonder, where has that person been transported to in the words on their page? They’re each in beautiful or interesting settings, physically—but {Read More}

Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Readers

When I first started writing fiction one of my mentors Robin Jones Gunn taught me how to create character notebooks for my novels. I’d bring home stacks of free magazines from the library and faithfully flip through page after page until I found models who looked like my characters. I’d cut out living rooms and settings, too. It did help me visualize my characters and story world. With Pinterest this is so much easier! As an author I can fill {Read More}

Things I’m Pinning: Organization

I love getting organized! Lately I have been pinning a lot of good organizational tips, tricks, and ideas. Here are a few of my favorite! This is a great idea for organizing books! I can’t wait to get my books unpacked so I can work on this project! Great ideas on this website!  A fabulous checklist for making sure the house stays clean! Love this one!  You can find all my of favorite organizational pins on my organization board on {Read More}

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