Top Ten Reasons Why Homeschool Moms Need A Break

Congratulations to last week’s winners: Katie Anderson and Rayann Jones — please e-mail your mailing addresses to my assistant (! Enter below for your chance to win a copy of Homeschool Basics! Top Ten Reasons Why Homeschool Moms Need A Break (from Homeschool Basics) Not that moms need a reason to take a break, but often we forget the importance of why we need one. Here’s my top ten list to help you remember to make mom-time a priority. 10. To have {Read More}

What Homeschooling is Really All About

The number of homeschoolers has grown, and this leaves many people scratching their heads. Is this a cult? Is this a movement? Is this a fad? Before we dig into the how-tis of making homeschool work, let’s talk about what homeschooling is, and what it isn’t. After all, every good structure needs a strong foundation, and for us, a great homeschool is built by knowing the facts. What Homeschooling Is . . . Homeschooling is an educational choice.  Many people {Read More}

3 Practical Tips to Help You Plan Joy into Your Homeschool

Have you ever met someone who you love being around and you want to make them an instant friend? That’s how I felt when I met Kristi Clover. She’s sweet, smart and fun! She’s also a homeschooling mama of many wonderful kiddos and a blogger. She’s my type of lady! (And we have a book, Homeschooling Basics, coming out soon—and you can listen to Kristi and I talk about God using your pain and you past on her podcast here!) Kristi’s {Read More}

How to Avoid Going Broke this School Year {by Jessi Fearon}

Summer has been flying by and depending on where you are, the school year is quickly creeping up on us (here in Georgia, school started the first week of August!). And I know for me, last school year was hard. Maybe it was because it was the first school year for our family of five so I wasn’t exactly sure how to budget for it or maybe it was because there really are so many various and unexpected school-related expenses {Read More}

Make It Your Story

Make It Your Story I was able to sit down with the folks at Life Plus Homeschooling to chat about how every person has a special story created by God. Watch the video below to find out how you can make much of your family’s particular story.  Some ways to create your own life story: Don’t compare yourself to other moms. Focus on your strengths, and grow those strengths. Don’t compare your weaknesses against others’ strengths. Be willing to let go of some things. {Read More}

My Love Affair With The Library

My Love Affair With The Library I first fell in love with the library when I was in 6th grade. My parents moved about two miles away from the local library and I would ride my bike there every day during summer. The librarians became my mentors and the books became my friends. I signed up for the reading program and made it my goal to read as many books as possible! I still have a newspaper clipping from when {Read More}

Homeschooling Essentials

Homeschooling Essentials As a homeschooling mom for twenty years, I’ve learned what’s important and what’s not. Here are a few homeschooling essentials to have around: Ziplock bags for rocks, bugs, play dough, stickers, glitter, etc. Play dough for those moments you need ten minutes of peace Animal books Pencils and an electric pencil sharper Lots of stickers A ruler A hole punch …click here to read the rest of the list. I also asked homeschool veterans to come up with {Read More}

Eight Steps to Boldly Send Your Graduate Into The Future | Guest Post by George Shinn

Eight Steps to Boldly Send Your Graduate Into The Future It won’t be long before strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” play through auditoriums, gymnasiums, and football stadiums, with cap-and-gown-clad students marching to receive diplomas. If you’ve been footing the bill for a four-year (or more) college degree, you’re probably ecstatic to see your graduate cross the stage. If graduation in your house means your high school senior is finally leaving home for the first time, then you’re having mixed emotions. {Read More}

Learning Difficulties and the Homeschooled Child

From the first moment we discover we’re pregnant we have dreams for our child. Dreams of who they will be and what they will accomplish. We marvel at first words and cheer on first sentences. We imagine storytimes and science projects to come. Yet when a child has learning difficulties, we are often discouraged and disappointed. We may wonder if we did something wrong. Is it our fault? Every student wants to be able to learn easily, and when learning {Read More}

30 Days of Thankfulness | Can You Help?

I’m excited to announce that I’m participating in 30 Days of Thankfulness with All Things Southern. Thirty Days of Thankfulness is an annual humanitarian effort designed to coincide with the Thanksgiving season. Last year, the campaign worked with Life Today to drill a well in Southern Africa. Even as you read these words, that well continues to supply fresh, life-sustaining water to an entire village. AWESOME! By participating, I’m also partnering in our drive with other authors and their respective communities. The goal of Writers and {Read More}

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