8 Scripture Verses to Bring Rest to Your Spirit

In the last five years John and I have adopted seven kids. Seven times the amount of laundry. Seven more kids who need attention. Seven times the mess. (But sometimes the mess seems like 70×7!) In my life there is little time for rest. “Rest” to me means a Sunday afternoon rest, a cup of coffee and my Bible in the morning, or listening to soothing music as I make dinner. Yet even in the midst of my busy life {Read More}

7 Tips for Spending One-on-One Time With Your Kids

John and I have ten kids, and that’s a lot! Often, it’s easy to see “the kids” as a group, but they are individuals. With each of them there is a one-on-one relationship that needs to be fostered and nurtured. This is hard to do when we also have jobs, housework, homeschooling, and church and ministry activities, yet it is important. More important than I sometimes remember. Seven of our kids were adopted, and only one of those was an {Read More}

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