How to Avoid Going Broke this School Year {by Jessi Fearon}

Summer has been flying by and depending on where you are, the school year is quickly creeping up on us (here in Georgia, school started the first week of August!). And I know for me, last school year was hard. Maybe it was because it was the first school year for our family of five so I wasn’t exactly sure how to budget for it or maybe it was because there really are so many various and unexpected school-related expenses {Read More}

Finish the Summer Well: 50 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

When I was a kid I spent most of my summer days outside. Even though I was a big reader and thought curling up on the couch made a perfect day, I was outside a lot. Why? my mom kicked me outside, and she LOCKED the door. I had to find places to go and things to do. Can you relate? As a mom I worry when my kids don’t want to be outside too. With eight kids at home {Read More} | A FUN way to teach your child about car safety features!   A FUN way to teach your child about car safety features! “We downloaded Dashboard Blitz, an app on car safety features and my 6-year-old and I had a blast playing it!” This isn’t a phrase I ever thought would cross my lips, but it did. And it’s true. I’ve been thinking a lot about automobile safety ever since my 16-year-old daughter attended driver’s education. In Arkansas, where we live, driver’s education is not required, but in the Goyer {Read More}

22 Great Summer Reads for Your Kids!

I’m a mom of ten kids and a book addict. This means we do a lot of reading! I’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite books. These are perfect for summer reading. Boys ages 6–12 Henry Huggins Series by Beverly Cleary Book 1: Henry Huggins Book 2: Henry and Beezus Book 3: Henry and Ribsy Beverly Cleary was one of my favorite authors growing up, and I still love reading her books to my kids. This series is {Read More}

FREE Summer Printables for Your Kids

Summer is here and one of my favorite things is spending time in nature and teaching my kids how to enjoy God’s creation. To do this better my daughter-in-law and I created some printables! You can download them here. We’ve also created a large pack of printables that you can buy for $4.50.  This pack includes 27 printables to be used for creating and connecting with God’s creation this summer. These pages are mostly in black and white for cheaper {Read More}

30 Fun & FREE Summer Activities

School’s out for summer (or will be soon!) and so begins the frantic brainstorm of what to do with our kids without spending a fortune. With help from my Facebook followers and Pinterest, here are 30 fun and FREE things to do this summer with your kids: “Little bit” party Puzzles Explore your neighborhood Board games Attend movies in the park—Paul B. Take advantage of your local museums’ free days—Wendy H. Weed a community flower bed—Susan K. Take a factory {Read More}

Branson: Family Fun for Labor Day!

Looking for a fun family getaway over Labor Day? Consider Branson!   Branson, Missouri is one of our family’s favorite places to visit. In fact, after spending at TON of money going to Disneyworld earlier in the year my husband and I agreed, “Why did we spend all that money in Orlando when we could have just gone to Branson?” There are a few reasons why we love Branson: 1. Old fashioned values. Everywhere you go in Branson there is wholesome, {Read More}

Best Places to Spread Out a Summer Picnic

Best Places to Spread Out a Summer Picnic There is nothing more romantic than a summer picnic with the man I love. Maybe you feel the same? Do you like the ocean or the mountains? Would you rather stretch out a blanket on a mountain meadow or on the sand? Do you want to be in a locale where there’s lots of restaurants and shops to explore, or do you want to be in a small quaint town? Dreaming about {Read More}

Best Places to Spread Out a Spring or Summer Picnic

Best Places to Spread Out a Spring or Summer Picnic I don’t know about you, but about this time of year, I am ready for summer. I’m ready for flowers to bloom, leaves on the trees, stepping outside and feeling the warm sun on my skin, wearing shorts and sundresses. Do you feel the same way? What’s my other favorite part of summer? Spending time outside, whether it’s a family vacation, a barbecue with my kids and neighbors in our {Read More}

Summer Through Alyssa’s Eyes

Take a peek at what summer (including our missions trip to the Czech Republic) looked like through the eyes of my daughter Alyssa! View the slideshow here.

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