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Catch-up on the Walk It Out Podcast

We’re taking a break from the podcast this week, but that means you have time to get caught up on all our great episodes! And don’t forget each week I choose one listener who leaves a review on iTunes to win a surprise book from me! #WALKITOUT 001: Maria Goyer #WALKITOUT 002: Teri Lynne Underwood #WALKITOUT 003: Janet McHenry #WALKITOUT 004: The Star Part One with Timothy Reckart and DeVon Franklin #WALKITOUT 005: The Star Part Two with Patricia Heaton, {Read More}

YOU can be the answer to the race problem

Do you think we don’t have a race problem in the US? Maybe your thoughts would change if you talked to someone different than you. Or maybe you know there is a problem, but you don’t know what to do to help. There are many ways you can build friendships and connect with others across ethnic and cultural lines. Here are seven ways you can be the answer to the race problem, taken from my book Walk It Out. Ask {Read More}

No one has their whole act together … but 3 ways to get closer

I wrote this blog post from Austin. I was on a “whirlwind tour of Texas.” I spent three days at the Declare Conference and then traveled to Austin to be interviewed by Jamie Ivey for The Happy Hour podcast (you can listen to that episode HERE — The Happy Hour is one of my favorite podcasts!) And finally I was able to spend the night at my friend Kristin Schell’s house … you may know her as The Turquoise Table lady! {Read More}

How sharing my heartbreaking story SAVED a person’s life—still humbled

Are you curious about God’s purpose for your life? Do you wonder if it’s possible to discover it? You may even be wondering if you’ve missed it somehow. I totally get that! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could know for sure that you’re totally in God’s will for your life? You’re not alone. All over the world there are people just like you, wondering … and wandering. At times you question why you are here on earth. You have {Read More}

My One Decision That Changed Everything

My One Decision That Changed Everything an Excerpt from Walk It Out: The Radical Result of Living God’s Word One Step at A Time In everyone’s story comes a defining moment when life takes a turn. I didn’t see the twist coming, and looking back it almost seems too ordinary an event to be considered “the moment.” But as I ponder all that has happened since then, I have no doubt that everything changed one quiet, early morning in 1999—the {Read More}

You’ve Changed! {Three GOOD habits to overcome the BAD habits that plague you}

I’m glad we’re friends now, but you might not have felt the same if we would have met when I was in high school. I wasn’t following God. I was very much into my boyfriend. I cussed and watched horrible movies. I even got into a fist fight. (Okay, the truth was I got into two.) I’m not proud of the person I was, and I have to admit it wasn’t easy to change. Even after I became a Christian {Read More}

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