You’re not just eating bon-bons! | Susan May Warren

What are you reading? I asked this question to approximately 40 aspiring writers this weekend as I sat across from them at a table during our private one-on-one sessions at the Northwestern Christian Writers Conference. A few of them would tell me of a story that they were reading, a bestseller perhaps or some obscure book from series they liked. And then I would ask them is this story in the genre you are writing? Only a couple nodded. The {Read More}

Writer Wednesday with Ronie Kendig

Congratulations to Deborah Freeman for winning a copy of Unraveling and Karen Johnson for winning a copy of Hiding from the Kids in my Prayer Closet. Please e-mail your mailing address to my assistant Christen ( Scroll below for a chance to win a copy of Ronie Kendig’s Conspiracy of Silence!  Most all of my creating is done in my office at home. This is both wonderful and a bit frustrating. Wonderful because it’s my own space in my own {Read More}

Writer Wednesday with Sara Ella

Enter below for you chance to win a copy of Sara Ella’s new book, Unraveling. Congratulations to last week’s winner of Then There was You, Jeanne Scott! Please e-mail my assistant Christen at What was your favorite book as a child? Do I really have to choose just one? If we’re talking younger childhood, I really loved a Little Golden Book called Where Did the Baby Go? My mom would read that one to me over and over again, {Read More}

Writer Wednesday with Kara Isaac

  Enter below for you chance to win a copy of Kara Isaac’s new book, Then There Was You. Winner will be announced here next week!  My Writing Desk The truth is . . . I don’t have one! I used to have one years ago when I was convinced that all “real” writers have a writing desk. It was even set up in a cute little alcove with a gorgeous view and bookshelves and all the things that should {Read More}

Ask Tricia: Time to Write

I get asked questions all the time. As a wife of twenty-six years, a mom of ten—seven having been adopted, a homeschooler and a writer of over 60 books people want to know how my life works. Here is one of those questions and my short answer. More to come in the coming weeks! How do you find time to write? How do you find time to write? I’m a homeschooling mom of four who writes and I mostly feel {Read More}

Multiple Choice Interview | Amish Reader

I recently had the pleasure of visiting to answer a fun multiple-choice interview and to celebrate the release of Sewn with Joy. Read the interview below and make sure to enter their giveaway of a Whirley-Pop popcorn popper gift set, a $25 gift card, and two copies of Sewn with Joy! To get your name in the drawing, fill out the form HERE!) Interview with Tricia Goyer: Multiple Choice 1. The tastiest topping for popcorn is… Butter Caramel Nothing—it’s good all by itself! Something spicy {Read More}

Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt Stop #28

Welcome to the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! If you’ve just discovered the hunt, be sure to start at Stop #1, and collect the clues through all 33 stops, in order, so you can enter to win one of our top 3 grand prizes! The hunt BEGINS with Stop #1 at Lisa Bergren’s site. The hunt is BEST VIEWED using Chrome or Firefox as your browser (not Explorer) It is open to INTERNATIONAL entrants. PRIZES include 3 sets of all 32 {Read More}

Periscope How-To for Authors

Periscope is one of the best things happening on social media right now. I’m just getting started, but I’ve looking forward to the possibilities! Pericope helps authors send their message into the world in a personal way. Who better to tell your story than you can? Who better to share your content or your passion? When people SEE you, they also see your authenticity. If people like you they’ll be interested in your books, your message, your heart. As of {Read More}

Writers: How to NOT give up on the book of your heart

Do you have a book that you’ve been wanting to write? Do you think it’s a great idea, but it’s hard convincing a publisher the same? In 1999 I had an idea for a book for young people called Prayers that Changed History. As a homeschooling mom I kept coming upon these GREAT stories of prayer such as: Governor William Bradford praying for rain for the failing crops in the New World, and nine hours later clouds rolling in after {Read More}

The Brave Writer

I’ve never considered myself a brave person. I’m not one to bungee jump, and the best I’ve done on the ski slopes is the beginner’s run. (And with much trepidation at that!) Stepping out and deciding to pursuing writing was one of my bravest steps. Writing about the deep pain and struggles in my life—in my fiction and non-fiction—has been the bravest. Yet I’ve done other things that are brave. Here are a few: Adopting kids. John and I have {Read More}

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