Made with Love Excerpt | Could the Kind Amish Bachelor Be Falling in Love?

Love is in the air as a handsome Amish carpenter helps a young Amish woman fulfill her dream of owning a pie shop. But will his past and her family keep love from fully blooming? Enjoy this excerpt from Made with Love by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore! “I’m going to do my best to make sure you succeed.” Noah extended his hand to her—palm up, wanting her to place her hand in it. Lovina looked at his hand, and {Read More}

Planted with Hope Release Day!

Happy day! Planted with Hope, book two of The Pinecraft Pie Shop series, releases TODAY! Here’s a little bit about the book: When Hope Miller is offered the plot of land behind the Me, Myself, and Pie shop to start a garden, she jumps at the chance. Finally—some space away from her four sisters! But everyone in town seems to have an opinion about what she should grow and how she should grow it. When the widower schoolteacher, Jonas Sutter, asks {Read More}

The BIG list of {FREE} Christmas Printables!

HUNDREDS of great projects you can print and use! I’ve turned into a printable junkie. I love finding great projects, printing them up and then using them around the homes, with my kids, or for gifts! Any time day or night you’ll hear my printer buzzing and my kids racing up the stairs to see what I’ve found. I’ve gathered a huge collection of awesome FREE Christmas printables. Be warned … stock up on toner or ink before opening these {Read More}

14 Books to Cozy Up With This Christmas {by Shirley Rempel}

I have a Christmas countdown tradition with our girls where I wrap up Christmas-themed books and read one each night during December. I also take time to read my own books during the month. I thought I would share the ones I enjoy reading by the tree, with a cozy blanket and cup of my fave tea or hot chocolate. 14 Books to Read this Holiday Season   C is for Christmas (The History, Personalities and Meaning of Christ’s Birth) {Read More}

First Chapter Friday | Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana

Love Finds You in Lonesome Prarie, Montana Chapter 1 The sound of little girls’ voices and the sight of the sun streaming through the tall, second-story window of the Open Door Home for Destitute Girls, a privately owned orphanage on upper Manhattan, told nineteen-year-old Julia Cavanaugh that the day had started without her. Julia, an orphan herself, now running the place for the owner, brushed a strand of dark hair from her eyes. She submitted to a second yawn as {Read More}

When God Asks You to Return to Your Darkest Place

Do you have a dark place in your life? A place of heartache or even sin? Without a doubt my darkest place was when I walked away from God during my teen years. I became sexually active at a young age, and I chose to have an abortion at age 15. I found myself pregnant again—by the same boyfriend—at age 17 and the second time I chose life. From the moment after I walked out of the clinic after by {Read More}

Your Prayers DO Impact Generations {And 5 Things to Pray}

Do your prayers matter—not just for today or this year—but for generations? Can the prayers you pray today and the faith steps you take this week impact your descendants 100 years from now? Yes, they can! We all want to know our prayers matter, but sometimes our greatest prayers may not be answered until our life on earth is done. In fact, you may think you’re praying about one thing, but God might use those prayers greater in the lives {Read More}

First Chapter Friday | Praying for Your Future Husband

Praying for Your Future Husband Chapter 1: An Extraordinary Mystery Robin: Sometimes, when an idea just won’t go away, you need to pay attention to how God is nudging you. That’s what happened with this book. Tricia and I have been friends for almost two decades, and both of us are writers. But our life stories as well as our love stories are radically different. Beyond writing, we do have one interesting commonality: both of us prayed for our future husbands when we were teens. But how {Read More}

The Tricia Goyer books you probably haven’t read … but should!

I love writing books, and I love when readers are able to walk into bookstores and pick up a copy just as it comes out, yet I’ve written some books where doing that hasn’t been so easy. In fact many readers haven’t purchased books from my Home to Heather Creek series because for many years these books were only available through the Guidepost book club. If you’re one of those people I have great news! My Home to Heather Creek {Read More}