Periscope How-To for Authors

Periscope is one of the best things happening on social media right now. I’m just getting started, but I’ve looking forward to the possibilities! Pericope helps authors send their message into the world in a personal way. Who better to tell your story than you can? Who better to share your content or your passion? When people SEE you, they also see your authenticity. If people like you they’ll be interested in your books, your message, your heart. As of {Read More}

Trailer for ‘The Swiss Courier’

Looking for another WWII book to add to your TBR pile? The Swiss Courier is a gripping tale full of action, love, and intrigue. Working as a Swiss transcriptionist for the Americans during WWII, Gabi Mueller’s life changes overnight when she’s recruited as a spy for the precursor of the CIA. Asked to safely courier a German physicist working on the budding Nazi atomic bomb project to the Swiss border, Gabi feels the weight of the war on her shoulders. But {Read More}

Make It Your Story

Make It Your Story I was able to sit down with the folks at Life Plus Homeschooling to chat about how every person has a special story created by God. Watch the video below to find out how you can make much of your family’s particular story.  Some ways to create your own life story: Don’t compare yourself to other moms. Focus on your strengths, and grow those strengths. Don’t compare your weaknesses against others’ strengths. Be willing to let go of some things. {Read More}

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