Be the Change You Want To See In Your Kids: 6 Ways to Focus on Change from the Inside Out

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Be the Change You Want To See In Your Kids.

6 Ways to Focus on Change from the Inside Out

Sometimes my kids drive me crazy. They are too negative, too cranky, and too quick to point out ways their siblings fall short. They get frustrated with the puppy and they don’t often pick up after themselves.

One day, as I was going through a list of all the ways my kids were falling short, God pointed my finger back at me. It’s easy to tell my kids what to do. It’s harder to model what needs to be done. It’s easy to tell my kids to be nice, be kind, while at the same time having a stinky attitude. It’s easy to be picky with my kids, yet offer myself grace.

I am negative, cranky, and I don’t always pick up after myself … yet I expect so much more from my kids! Hmm… Deep down, I know that this parenting style won’t get any of us very far.

If I want my kids to change, it all starts with me.

I have to model kindness and gentleness.
I have to clean up after myself.
I have to pray, asking God to help me and help them.
I have to be patient with the puppy! (Even when she chews up my books!)

So how does real change—in you and your kids—happen? Where do we start?

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  1. Kathrine Mazac says:

    Thanks for this. It is great to see a parent able to about their short comings.
    This is more of an encouragement than you can for many parents.

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