Christian Fiction Shares Good News Even When You’re Not Looking For It.

Christian Fiction Shares Good News Even When You're Not Looking For It - Tricia Goyer

When did you first start reading Christian fiction?

What kept you reading?

Here is my story… I was a very rebellious kid in highschool. A Christian friend of my mom’s loaned her some novels by Jeanette Oke. I was a big reader. I usually read stuff like Stephen King, but I loved those Jeanette Oke books. I read them over and over.

When I was 17 and pregnant out of wedlock, I gave my heart to the Lord. A few years later, when I was first married, I remember going to a Christian bookstore and glancing at their fiction section. We didn’t have much money, and I only had enough for one novel. I was looking through a few and someone pointed me to Bodie Thoene. I picked up Vienna Prelude and LOVED it! (And amazingly, people often tell me that my books remind them of Bodie’s.)

After that, I started reading more Christian fiction.

And then I started writing it. (Although it took about nine years for me to have a novel published from the time I first started writing.)

To me Christian Fiction became light, hope, and peace to my soul. There was tension, intrigue, and conflict but I felt good after reading those stories–unlike the angst I felt after books like Pet Sematary!

Night Song by Tricia GoyerChristian fiction shared good news to me when I wasn’t looking for it or wanting it.

I once received an email from someone who said she read my novel, Night Song, and it was the first Christian novel she’d ever read. She was surprised she liked it!

It’s my goal to share the hope I’ve found.

So how about you?

When did you start to read Christian Fiction?

"Don't let the doubts of others ring louder than God's whispers to your spirit." - Tricia Goyer, The Memory Jar

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  1. I too first started reading Christian Fiction as a teen. I also began with Janette Oke. I read so many of her books and loved them all. In fact, I kept them and now my teen is reading them.

  2. I guess maybe the first Christian fiction I read was Grace Livingston Hill. They had her books in our church library. But my first series I read was like you was Bodie Thoene. I read every book she wrote and then branched out to other writers like Jeanette Oke, Lori Copeland and Lori Wick. The rest is history. I read a book or part of a book most every evening. They bring joy and sometimes tears o my life.

  3. I honestly don’t remember the first “Christian” book I read but eons ago
    started with The Bobsey (sp) Twins and Nancy Drew, The Hardy boys.
    Have read lots of diff authors including Fern Michaels, Lori Wick, Nora Roberts,
    and from the time I read my first Amish book I have been hooked on
    them. Also love Sandra Orchard (Canadian writer) but hard to find hers.
    She mailed me one so have been blessed to read 2 of hers. NOW Tricia
    I love your books. The last I read was The Kissing Bridge and love the
    cover. Happy Reading to all and God bless

  4. erica senecal says:

    I too started reading Christian fiction in high school. My mom bought me a teen romance titled, Erica, which is my name. I’m not an avid reader but I do tend to stick with the Inspirational Fiction, mostly contemporary novels, these days. I am writing my first novel which ought to fit this genre also.

    Thanks for sharing, Tricia.

  5. I started reading Christian non-fiction in high school because it was required. I started with “The God Smuggler” and then read “The Hiding Place.” Most of the Christian books I read were autobiographical. One day my son’s grandmother gave me “This Present Darkness” by Frank Peretti and then “Piercing the Darkness.” From there I read back and forth between Christian fiction and secular. Now I primarily read Christian fiction. It is what I enjoy and choose to support with my finances though I do still read some secular fiction from several favorite authors.

  6. Oh, great memories. My mom LOVED reading Grace Livingston Hill and one day I was very bored and I remember her not doing anything but reading that day, when she put the book down after finihing it in one day, I thought gee, maybe it’s good
    As I got into it, I knew it was a sappy love story that I hated st the time…
    It was Enchanted Barn. I will never forget that day or the book.
    Wish I could read it to her or just hear her read one mire time!!

  7. Tricia, I’m not sure when I started reading Christian fiction. I remember reading the Mandie series by Lois Gladys Leppard when I was around nine, but I didn’t realize adult Christian fiction existed until much later. I was hooked on John Grisham books at the time (still appreciate a good legal thriller every now and then). When I realized I could find clean books (with no bad language, nudity, etc.), I was thrilled. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a book close at hand, so having better choices made a huge difference for me. Now I’m writing my own stories and hope to have them published one day.


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