Christmas Cleaning + Cleaning Supply Printable


Christmas Cleaning + Cleaning Supply Printable

Christmas means company. Company means cleaning. There is nothing worse that coming home with your nutmeg, evaporated milk, and 100 other items and realizing you forgot the cleaning supplies!

I have favorite cleaning supplies that I’ve used for years. (Let’s call them “classic cleaners.”) I keep a list inside the cabinet in my cleaning closet inside a plastic sleeve. I use a dry erase marker to mark when I’m out of something, then I check it as I’m putting together my shopping list.

For items I need all the time (like paper towels, garbage bags and toilet paper), I use Subscribe and Save via Amazon. Not only are these things delivered to my door, I save 15% when I subscribe to 5 or more items that arrive in the same month. (Moms know that ONE large package of paper towels and ONE large package of toilet paper means NO room for other groceries … not to mention my kids who get tired of walking after two aisles!)

I can’t come over and help you clean … I’ll be cleaning my own house. But, here is a printable Cleaning Supply Shopping List for you to print, post inside to your cupboard, and use all through the year.

Now, if we could only enlist some elves to do the Christmas cleaning or add an Alice to our Christmas gift wish list!

Tricia’s Cleaning Supply List



Scotch-Brite cook top cleaner

Scotch-Brite 3M non-scratch scrub sponges

Easy-Off oven cleaner


Palmolive dishsoap

Cascade dishwasher detergent

Softsoap hand soap

Soft Scrub with bleach cleaner

Scrubbing brush




Bounty paper towels




Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


Swiffer Sweeper

Swiffer wet pads


Extendable duster

Goo Gone

Glad OdorShield Kitchen Garbage bags 



Charmin toilet paper


Tilex shower cleaner

Scrubbing Bubbles


Lysol bowl brush

Vanish Scrubbing Bubbles Drop-Ins

Living Room

Resolve Carpet stain

Method Daily wood spray

Swiffer dusters

Laundry Room

Tide laundry detergent

Clorox bleach

Bounce dryer sheets

Dreft laundry detergent (for babies)


Download the cleaning supply list printable and keep track of what you need to get!

cleaning supply list

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