Craving Connection! Let’s make 2017 about people {+giveaway!}

What are you most excited about in 2017? I’m SO excited about the people in my life, and there are a lot of them. In 2016 we finalized the adoption of our four girls. So now we have 10 kids, eight of them are at home. I’m currently homeschooling kids ages 6, 6, 9, 12, 13, 13 and 16. Wow! That’s a lot of people who need my attention.

Yet even though these kids can be all consuming, I’ve learned that I need to make time for other relationships. I need to focus time on my husband. I need to make time for friends.

One resource I’m really looking forward to is just released!

Craving Connection: 30 Challenges for Real Life Engagement

Why am I excited about Craving Connection?

1. God created us for connection.
2. The best investments in my life have been investing in meaningful relationships.
3. I long to be a better friend.

The books is coming my way . . . and you can check out FREE sample chapters here:

How are you planning connection in 2017? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment on this blog post and I’ll choose someone on January 19 to win TWO copies of one of my books. One for you and one for a friend!

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  1. I’ve been so excited about this book. I chose “connections” as my word for the year back in November, before I’d even heard of the book! Can’t wait to read it. One of my goals for the year is to focus on growing two relationships, one inside the church and one outside the church. Another goal is to try to have one person/family into our home for a meal each month.

  2. This year my word is “Flourish” so this I pray that I would be connected to all the right places ,people ,and places that God has prepared in front of me. I hope to begin with connecting with family first, then to those that are across my path this year. To be connected to others is how He meant love to inspire us all. t.

  3. I’ve been spending the past year focusing on connecting well with my three daughters. I’d like to focus this year on one or two friendships outside of family. I just find it difficult to find women in our small community who have time or energy for more than their one or two close friends they already have.

  4. I am working on being intentional about growing relationships with women who can become friends. we are all so busy – it takes making the time. And then finding the right women. Thanks for addressing this need in our lives!

  5. Jaime Halbrook says:

    I absolutely love this! Last year I prayed that God would send me a friend. A good friend. One that will hold up to their end of the bargain. One that when she said she’s hold me accountable to something she would. We’ll guess what God sent me a friend. When I first meet this lady I made the first initiative. I’m like OK get out of your comfort zone and just do it. We’ll since we’ve meet we have alot of things in common. We may live 45 minutes from each other, but we don’t let that stop us. We may not get to have coffee together on a regular basis, but we e-mail, text, facebook all the time. We see each other and catch up. She is a Mom of 3 and I’m a single woman. We make it work. You have to make time for relationships. Just like our relationship with God, we have to make time for it. I have to be honest I have several friends, but I’m the one that always makes the initiative. So when I prayed for God to send me friend, I’m like God I want someone that contacts me not someone I feel like I have to chase after. When he brought my friend in my life, she was going through the same thing. I’m like DING DING DING!!!! I have someone that will give as much as I do and it’s just not a one sided relationship. It’s been so awesome to get to know her. We all have short comings and to be able to share them and talk about that has been a blessing. I’ve come to realize that NO one has it all together. NO ONE, but Jesus. Thank you God. My biggest advice is to pray God sends you a friend, someone that you need, and that needs you.

  6. KAREN SMITH says:

    You would make 2017 be the start of a great year if I am lucky enough to in any books of yours. I would love to be able to share with others about everything and even finding new friends,
    Thank you for this chance and I wish everyone a very happy and safe NEW YEAR.

  7. Kim Potter says:

    I love connecting with my daughters.

  8. Nancy Griggs says:

    My connections will be primarily from being a small Facebook group leader for Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies. I have women I am helping from all around the world. I love being able to encourage women in their walk with the Lord.

  9. I’m already planning many play dates with other moms so that my kids and I are connecting. My husband and I are also being more purposeful about our time and turning the TV off more so we can talk, read and engage more. Mid year we’re planning to move to a new city and state, and we’re making plans now to seek to connect there including being very intentional about what house we will buy, and seeking to do business in a way that will help us to connect with others. We’re excited for the opportunities that God is setting up for them and are learning to be discerning to the Spirit and what He has for us in connecting with those around us.

  10. Bobbi Bradley says:

    MAKING time to spend with those I love!

  11. michelle cefalu says:

    Longing for just one close connection…Only the Lord can bring the right one(s) in my path.

  12. Praying: We moved and I am longing for a new mentor and true friendship.

  13. scheduling time to visit with family and friends

  14. Jean Smith says:

    I am planning on spending more time with my 3 daughters.

  15. I recently did a drive to gather some items for the homeless. 1 of my friends works real close with them and tho I knew they were out there I only knew 1 and he was scary. He use to be a boxer and got hit in the head too many times so got pretty messed up. So either he would smile at you or look at you like he wanted to kill you! Not good! But he is a person too. and needs Jesus just like everyone else. I am hoping I can do more to reach these lost and forgotten people. If nothing else at least they will know someone cared. Pastor gave me some copies of a booklet that has John & Romans in it so I can pass those out. I did look at Bibles at the store but the print was way too small for even me to read it so the booklets will do for now. Thanks for letting me share.

  16. Stephanie H. says:

    Time with my family and engaging in projects which we love doing together are my resolutions this year.

  17. I experienced a wonderful example of the importance of connections and relationships last fall. Single, I faced an upcoming spine surgery. One of my biggest concerns was how I would care for myself during the first critical week of recovery. But God had a plan. Seventeen ladies from my church provided 24/7 care for me for the first week after surgery. Along with their amazing gift of love for me, it was exciting to see new connections form between women who met for the first time during “shift changes” in my care. Congratulations on your new book, Tricia! I look forward to reading it and sharing it with others in my church.

  18. I would love to spend more time with my family.

  19. Great new book Tricia. I would love to connect with our oldest son. He is not communicative.

  20. Melanie Backus says:

    What a great book, Tricia! 2017 is the year to embrace family, visit friends and put God first in everything we do. Life is easier when we travel down life’s roads hand in hand with God.

  21. Karen Johnson says:

    Connections are very important to God, Connections show Christ and God’s Love, the O.T. connects and foreshadows Christ’s coming. The Ten Commandments focus on our relationship to God and each other, but that we cannot keep them shows our sin and need for Christ, our broken relationship with God and each other. Also thing about how the ten commandments are vertical (between us and God) and horizontal (our relationship to each other.) Now what is that shape? Deep thoughts by Karen Johnson. O.K. this year I am working on spending more time with God and trying to developers relationships and improve them with my family and friends. I look forward to this book, Tricia!

  22. Maria Supa says:

    This book sounds just like what I need to connect with others with fresh new ideas and encouragement. Perhaps if I win I will share the second copy with a friend of mine who just lost her Mom and is feeling lost, lonely and rejected by God. This would be a definite encouragement for her and we could read and share together what this creative connection is all about with a relationship with God also. Thank you for your kind consideration…..Love your Blog and Website! Truly inspirational.

  23. I love to read your books I think we all should try and spent time with our family’s and read the bible more as a family ,our nation needs Jesus back into it. thanks for a change to win .

  24. Donna Tyler says:

    I also read about this book on Renee Swopee’s blog. I am currently doing her online Bible study. I wonder if it is a coincidence that I received emails from both of you today with an encouragement about this book. Our church has gone through a very rough time for several years and we finally seem to be moving in right direction again. I long for the women of our church to begin to have some great times fellowshipping and I think this would be a good book for us all to read. I hope to win, but if not, I will still purchase a copy.

  25. I need to follow through better when God brings someone to my mind.

  26. I think this would be awesome to win. My word for the year is Always. I think their is someone you can always be a blessing to and this would be a good guide towards doing that.

  27. Christy C. says:

    I’m planning more connection time with my 21 year old daughter who lives 800 miles from me as well as my close friends. We text a lot but I’d like to actually spend physical face time with them. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. I’m looking forward to reading it!

  28. Elaine Rieder says:

    I am working on making a stronger connection with Our Lord.

  29. Katie Bouchie says:

    Our one little word is “focus” this year for our family. To be more present and intentional with our time and energy. I see these words for you too! I keep going back to this book on Amazon and Dayspring and I think it looks amazing! I feel like it is speaking to me!

  30. Judith Martinez says:

    I am hoping to get involved with a women’s Bible study at church and get together with my best friend more frequently.

  31. Fantabulous!
    another opportunity for challenge and growth

  32. I will be connecting with family this year as we will be celebrating two graduations and a wedding!

  33. Elizabeth Suiter says:

    My goal for 2017 is to work and take some of the finances off my husband. .I got a seasonal job before the holidays and now each week I pray I am still there.

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