Do Something AMAZING for Your Marriage

Want to do something AMAZING for your marriage? Pray . . . together.

John and I started praying together about four years ago. We thought we were doing fine as a couple until my old boyfriend contacted me over the Internet. I really struggled with all the emotions over that past relationship, and I asked my husband to pray for me. He did. Aloud. Holding my hands. His face next to mine. It was intimate, beautiful.

Right away I felt the power of those prayers. I felt peace and comfort. I felt empowered to do the right thing. More than that, I felt my husband’s love as I heard him lifting my needs before God.

During the next couple of weeks John prayed for me every morning before he left for work. Soon, I joined in and started praying for him. It’s something we still do each morning.

As I hold John’s hands and rest my cheek on his shoulder, I pray for his safety as he drives to work, for his work day, for his interaction with this co-workers. I also pray that God will strengthen our marriage. He prays for my needs, too.

Our praying lasts 3 – 4 minutes, but it really sets us off in a good place for the day. It’s one of my day’s highlights!

Praying together is also a good way to communicate, not only to God . . . but with each other. After all, that one question, “What can I pray for you about?” opens up all types of hidden worries, fears and concerns. These are things we continue to talk about and pray about through the week. Together.

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  1. What good suggestions those are. I am not married, but it seems like a nice thing to do together. In such a crazy busy world, those few minutes together must be precious to you. It is a great way to start off the day.

  2. Oh, your honey is a super duper cutie!! And you are so right, that question has opened up such beautiful conversations between my honey and me and has been a mutual benefit for us both.

  3. Praying together is such a wonderful and intimate thing. So cool that you are writing about this. If more couples did this I think we would have happier marriages. Glad I found this on HWC link up. Nice post!

  4. Nice post. 😉

    Praying gives us peace of mind too. It has the power to erase all the worries of the day and can make everything (challenges, decisions etc.) right and okay.

    Visiting you from the Happy Wives Club link up.

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