Don’t Make These Parenting Mistakes

On the heels of my upcoming release with Phil Hodges and Ken Blanchard, Lead Your Family Like Jesus, I decided to poll my Facebook and Twitter friends about all things family, parenting, and leadership. Here are their answers to “What’s a parenting mistake you hope young parents don’t make with their kids?” (By the way, the official Lead Your Family Like Jesus website is up and running! Check it out here.)

“Trying to be their best buddy and not teaching respect or discipline.” ~Donita Corman

“Don’t throw money at situations. Tough love it out!” ~Mary Tullila

“I’ve seen too many parents say that they love their kids, but their actions speak otherwise. Show them that you love them every day, and make sure they know it because they may not have you tomorrow.” ~Wendy Noble

“To not forget that they were young once and understanding goes a long way.” ~Shana Marie Casey

“1. Discipline is a must. 2. You don’t need to buy them everything they want. 3. It is ok for them to be ‘bored.'” ~Michelle Strite Hortenberry

“Don’t ever result to bribery, or you will be doing it for years to come.” ~Catherine King

“Making excuses for their child’s bad behavior.” ~Lisa Eichelberger

“Becoming so absorbed in their own work that they fail to provide adequate care and love for their kids.” ~Carrie Fancett Pagels

“I think the worst mistake we can make as parents is to take childhood for granted. It is so fleeting, and each moment should be treasured, adored, and appreciated.” ~Jillian Amodio

“Coddling them and not teaching them to own up to their mistakes.” ~Melissa Reedy

“‘Guilting’ children into doing what parents want. Not letting kids make mistakes. Not teaching kids how to do things on their own (even when they will end up making mistakes). And the most important: not encouraging them to seek out their own relationship with Christ instead of trying to live through their parents’ faith.” ~Jennifer Hill

“Spending too much time hooked up to our ‘devices’ . . . and unhooked from the important little persons around us.” ~Isaac and Corrine Collura


What about you? What do you think are our biggest parenting mistakes?

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  1. This article speaks directly to me. This is the kind of parenting that I believe in and practice but when I look around at kids today and parents and listen to the media, I have found myself questioning my principles but thankfully my partner (my husband) was raised like me and can bring me back to what’s important when life around us gets too loud. Awesome post.

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