The Easiest Way to Find God’s Will For Your Family

When I first started following God I assumed that “His will” involved finding a career or ministry that was right for me, and then pursuing that with everything in me. The thing was, God brought many different areas of serving others into my life: writing books, speaking, volunteering in a pregnancy center, and mentoring teen moms to name a few. All these things involved loving others with what I had.

At the same time I was serving others, I was also raising kids. I felt like the most horrible mom ever dragging them along. I assumed “my” service was taking me away from time with my kids. I assumed a good mom would focus on having fun with my kids rather than just helping others.

What I learned as years passed, and as my children developed servant hearts, that God’s plan for my service was also His plans for theirs. As a mom God’s will for me was also God’s will for my family. His will also just wasn’t about one thing. Instead, it involved reading God’s Word, discovering His heart for others, and saying small “yeses” to people around me. (And, yes, there were times we took for just having fun, too.)

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